This week on Career Exploits, I want us to talk about who we are to our employers.  Broadly speaking, we are either resource or nuisance to them. That’s why I ask you: are you a resource or nuisance to your employer? Don’t be offended by my questions. Truth is that no offence is intended. I raised the question to help us reexamine ourselves and know who we actually are to our employer that makes them part with a chunk of their money to pay us monthly. It’s also important that we consider this question is that who we are to our employer largely determine our chances of career advancement/promotion in the workplace and earning.

You see, your presence at your workplace must make a statement. You should not just occupy space and collect salary at the end of the month. That’s why we must deliver value to justify our presence in the organization, otherwise we may not be different from dusts and cobwebs which are nuisance. I once heard Pastor Bankie say that you shouldn’t be working in a place where they won’t miss you if you are out. That is possible if you are very resourceful to them.


We also should not do the barest minimum to get by; otherwise we may not be better than furniture that does nothing more than it’s assigned to do without taking any initiative. When we go to work, we have a duty to deploy our humanness and abilities in delivering value to our employers. You are supposed to bring your ingenuity, uniqueness, training and experience in providing solution to your employer.


You were not hired to increase the volume of human being to walk into the company gate daily; you were hired to contribute something you have in ensuring that the organization works efficiently. Therefore, settle down and outline what you were hired to do and ask yourself how you will able to do the work effectively. If you don’t know what you are hired to do, meet your employer or direct supervisor for your job description.


It’s not likely you get employed without a clear cut job description in private establishment or even in public firms where long leg or the quest to please one Oga somewhere got you a job. Whichever way, please find out what your job description is and get down working to execute them.


You should be able to work effectively and possibly exceed the expectation of your employer. If you need further training to be able to do your work effectively, please go ahead and do it. Humble yourself and request those ahead of you to show you the way. When you have perfected on doing your work well, your KPI(Key Performance Indicators) will get resounding ticks and your supervisor will sure be happy with you. The happiness of a supervisor doesn’t end in a “thank you”, it translates into good relationship, recommendation, promotion and even financial reward.


‘Brojid, why bother about all these when my employer is not complaining and my salary comes in every month complete?’


It’s not about whether or not he is complaining or your salary not being intact, it’s about your relevance. It’s about your usefulness and relevance in life. It’s about justifying why you should be consuming nature’s scarce resources like space, food and shelter.


I believe our jobs are not just avenues to get money. They are platforms for us to make life better for other people and develop our character, refine our talents and sharpen our skills. You are not just a clerical civil servant you are the king of people’s files. If you don’t move them, they don’t move and people suffer.



You are not just a cleaner, you are responsible for ensuring that the office you are assigned to clean is sparkling and welcoming so that when other staff members and customers come into your company premises, they will breathe fresh air.


You are not just a teacher, you are responsible for molding the future and career of your students. When you fail to discharge your duty, it’s not negligence of duty, it’s wickedness to the future of your students.


Whatever job you do, choose to be a resource person, not a nuisance! Don’t just collect salary; add value! It’s not cool to get paid for doing nothing. It’s beggars and thieves that get money without contributing value to any life and I want to believe you are not one!

For me, the most important philosophy that guides my work is this:

Slaves, obey your human masters. Remember how important they are. And be afraid of them. Work well for them because you really want to make them happy. Work for them as if you were working for Christ.

Do not work well only when they can see you. Do not work well only to make people happy. But instead, always work well, as Christ’s slaves. Work because you really want to obey God.

Be happy to work as well as you can for your human masters. Work as if you were working for the Lord, and not only for people.

Remember this: anyone who does any good thing will also receive something good from the Lord as a result. This will happen whether that person is a slave or a free person.”(Ephesians 6:5-8BBE)


My point?

There are all kinds of people you can find at workplaces. Some just occupy space and are therefore nuisance. But you can choose to be a resource person! Please be a resource person not just one of the elements in your workplace.


But don’t settle there. Take a step further – become an invaluable asset to your employer! I will talk to you about that next week on Career Exploits. Please do well to join me.


Meanwhile, if you need help with becoming resourceful to your boss, get in touch with us for a live or online coaching session that will help you put your time to maximum use. Do well to freely share this post with another person. It may be what someone needs to attain peak performance in his life and work.


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Joseph Dinwoke

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