Orgasm has been described as the most pleasurable experience of man. Despite the pleasure that comes with it; many people open doors of pains for themselves in their quest for orgasm. On YouthCruise this week, you will learn how to ensure that the pleasure of orgasm doesn’t bring you pains.

Every normal healthy human being have sexual urge. It comes whenever it wants and has no apologies for visiting at odd time. When it comes, it rages; making one almost restless. For married people, it’s only common sense to meet their spouse; however, for those who are unmarried, it’s common sense to quieten your sexual urge (Please watch this space for my book, Quieting Your Sexual Urge).

However, many chose to give it expression in copulation. They defy any moral induction; take any measure possible until they locate anybody that will consent for an intercourse where the pressure is released.  In fact, insane members of human society, resort to forcing an opposite sex into having sex with them or abusing children under their care.

Sex ends in orgasm – what has been described as the most pleasureable feeling humans can have.  For youth, like you and I, who go against the moral code of abstinence for orgasm, and the married person who seek orgasm in another person that’s not their spouse,   the question am asking is this: after orgasm what next?

For Your Urge, Congrats!

There are many youths like you and I who have been praying and moving from one hospital to the other in search for a cure for their lack of sexual desires. Some married people can’t impregnate their wives because they have no urge for sex. For some women, sex is a necessary evil instead of a pleasurable experience because they have not urge for sex. But you and I have urge, so I congratulate you. Mungode Allah!

Orgasm; a Beautiful Design of God

Orgasm is God’s creation. Satan is too bad to create such a beautiful thing. If you study the anatomy of the male and female reproductive systems and its physiology, you will have no doubt that orgasm can only be God’s design. Many scholars have described it and the most pleasurable experience.

Orgasm may bring you indescribable ecstasy; but what about the reality that will dawn on you when you are back to your senses?

What about  Possible Disgrace?

Sex is usually done in secret; unfortunately, the disgrace goes public and can tarnish your hard earned reputation. Many heavily anointed people have lost their ministry to uncontrolled expression of sexual desires.

Also, many politicians have lost their place in the scheme of governance and aborted their political career because of uncontrolled sexual passion. It nearly robbed Donald Trump American presidency. Bill Clinton lost his licence to practice law and got impeached because of his uncontrolled sexual passion. Many lecturers have lost their jobs with disgrace due to their uncontrolled sexual passion.

What about Your Virginity?

For a minute don’t think about the fleeting pleasure and the tension you have released; think about the fact that you may lose your virginity. Some people will ask you, “Who virginity epp? Don’t mind them; they secretly envy virgins! They wish they were still intact. They wish they can restore the self esteem that comes from knowing they have kept themselves. I know being a virgin doesn’t take you to heaven; neither does it make you useful on the earth; but you can’t deny the fact that there is joy in knowing that you have kept yourself.

What about Contracting Disease?

Think about the fact that you may contract disease. When sexual urge ranges, it doesn’t know anything. It goes beyond the ejaculation. You may let out something and get relived of the tension of sexual urge but take in something that will hunt you forever. Many men have rendered their wives widows and their children orphans because of sexually transmitted disease contracted from careless sex.

What about Displeasing God?

The major damage of having sex with the wrong person is not about contracting diseases; getting unwanted pregnancy and the possible disgrace. Those ones can be controlled. The most disturbing thing about uncontrolled sexual desires is displeasing God. When you have sex and you are not married, you are a fornicator. If you have sex with someone that is not your spouse, you are an adulterer. I am not judging you; am simply telling the truth. That’s what God calls it and that’s exactly what it is!

Body no be Firewood

Make no mistakes about this: am not in any way saying that it’s easy. But we have a job to do on our part. My friend, Chika,  while reminding me of the need to be very careful once told me, “Konji [sexual urge]is a bastard. It doesn’t have sense. It doesn’t know when to behave and when not. You have to control it.”  I agree with him. Konji has no respect!

There is more to orgasm than the pleasure. The pleasure is too short- lived for the risk associated with it. For the spiritual damage we do to ourselves. Don’t just go pants down because you feel like; lest you land yourself in trouble you will regret for years.  If you and I can have enough sense to conduct reality check on our own when we are tempted to have sex with the wrong person, it will go a long way in helping us gain control over our sexual desires.

My point?

Orgasm is God’s design. Satan couldn’t have invented such a beautiful experience. God designed orgasm for male and female who are married to each other. Orgasm outside this arrangement is against God’s design. Whenever we distort any creation of God, we play into devils plan and it comes with grievous consequences. That’s why self control and depending on God to help us obey Him is indispensable!

For more on this I recommend that you read, Immunity to her Seduction.

Ifeanyi Dinwoke

Ifeanyichukwu 'Brojid' Dinwoke is a Media Strategist, Web Developer & Book Publisher. At Brojid World, he creates blog, podcast, and book that inspire you for peak performance in life and work. He is madly in love with Chidinma Eberechukwu (@chidinmadinwoke) who agreed to be the wife of his youth!

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