Sometimes in life we come to point where we have done all our best; yet our best is not-good-enough. At such points, many of us give up and never reach out to get the good we truly desire. But that’s not appropriate. At such point what we need is to activate the Supernatural power on our behalf. That gets God to take charge of the situation and release abilities and people needed to overcome limitations on our effort. On Scriptural Sense this week, I want to show you how to activate God’s supernatural powers on your behalf.

Man Has power; but It’s Limited

I like to start this exhortation by bringing your attention to the fact that humans really have the power and ability to achieve results in what they set their minds to. This can be seen in the lives of the people who set out to build a tower that will reach heaven. They set their mind on it, worked together to get it achieved and God testified that they will achieve their result if He does not stop them. “So the people had to stop building the city, because the LORD confused their language and scattered them all over the earth (Gen11:8  CEV).

But man, despite his great abilities to achieve results has limitations. As an example, a student can do his best to study and understand and actually understand but fail to remember in the exams. Nobody ever set out to forget anything. Forgetfulness is a phenomenon that is not really in human control. Another example is that a man can sleep with his wife but sperms cell will fail to fertilize the wife’s oven. A case in point is Hanah and who could not get pregnant

Also, we can tell customers about our products or services using every persuasive skill we can muster and advertizing strategy to get people to know about your products and get them persuaded to buy but they have to take the step of coming to buy from us. That’s actually not in our control.

In cases like these, what you and I need is to activate the supernatural powers in our behalf to get for us what we cannot using every power available to us. How is this done?

Trust In God; The Starting Point Of The Activation

The first step to activating the supernatural is trust in God. Trust in God is a state of heart that expects God to fulfill His words despite what is going on around you. This is a state of heart that belives that God ia able to do the seemly impossible; initiates the activation of the supernatural. It’s the state of hear that God sees and release His power for help.

The LORD keeps close watch over the whole world, to give strength to those whose hearts are loyal to him ( 2Chron. 16:9  GNB).

An extension of that  biblical truth is that God is moving to and fro around your locality looking for those whose heart are complete towards Him to show his power towards them. It means that as He is moving around now, if He finds your heart complete towards Him, He will show His power in your behalf.

My friend, you have financial challenges, need a job or even starting a business but things seems to be falling apart for you. Don’t faint. You need to activate the supernatural in your behalf. The starting point is a total trust to him.

David in His case has his heart complete towards him in the face of a Goliath and God showed his power on his behalf. Hannah realized that crying is not what will get her a son that she wanted so badly and getting jealous of her fellow wife won’t get her a son. She knew about  God and came to point of total trust in Him to give her a child and God came forth with a child.

My friend, no matter what trouble or dilemma you are facing, put your trust completely in Him and go to Him with request on what He should do for you in that condition. That’s how you get his power activated.

God; 100% Dependable!

If you still doubt trusting God, I don’t. Let me tell you why. God in His infinite wisdom created the earth and orchestrated its events. He has been in overall control of everything on the earth. That was why He ensured the tower of Babel being built in those days did not become a success. King Nebuchadnezzar at a point felt that he, not God, is in charge of the earth but God proved him wrong by making him eat with animals for seven seasons. God ensured Pharaoh and his warriors were destroyed in the red sea. He also ensured that the Jews were not wiped out by Haman’s wickedness. Recently, he ensured that Titanic had to hit the ice berg to prove the builder who boasted, “Even God cannot sink this ship” a liar. These are things I have come to know about God that makes me put my trust in Him completely to come to my help with His supernatural abilities.

Once, you can get to the point of trust in Him, you have attained the activation for the release of His supernatural abilities to you. At the point of trust on him, you can make a prayer of faith that gets him to listen to you.

You can’t say that you trust Him for the release of His supernatural abilities and still fret over your foes or your difficult situation. If you are waiting on Him and expecting the manifestation of the supernatural, you have to put your trust in Him totally. That keeps you from running after people who you think can help you. Please don’t forget that God doesn’t like to share His glory with anybody and that’s why He doesn’t want you to mistake who is helping you. This is so important that God told His people that He will disgrace them if they go down to Egypt to get help(Isaiah 30-33).


Now hear God speaking to His people, “You are in for trouble if you go to Egypt for help, or if you depend on an army of chariots or a powerful cavalry. Instead you should depend on and trust the holy LORD God of Israel. The LORD isn’t stupid! He does what he promises, and he can bring doom. If you are cruel yourself, or help those who are evil, you will be destroyed. The Egyptians are mere humans. They aren’t God. Their horses are made of flesh; they can’t live forever. When the LORD shows his power, he will destroy the Egyptians and all who depend on them. Together they will fall. (Isa. 31: 1-3CEV).

The manifestation of the supernatural may be in form of wisdom as in the case of Nehemiah when he was attacked by Saballant and co. It can also be in the form of Miraculous power as in the case of the Israelites before the Red Sea. Whichever way the supernatural abilities are manifested in you, please don’t forget to return the praise to God.

Prayer; the Activator

The next is asking Him to take charge in prayer of faith. The prayer that will get answer is the one that is said in accordance with God’s will. So, ensure you are not making prayer request that God is not interested in answering. As an example, don’t pray that God bless your business which you run with the satanic principles. Don’t request the activation of the supernatural when and where you are working out of God’s will. Don’t pray that God should do for you what He has equipped and empowered you to do.

In 2 chronicle 20, it was recorded that king Jehoshapat was threatened by enemies and in their powers alone, they can’t defeat their enemies. “We are powerless before this mighty army that is about to attack us.” He said to God. But his confidence is in God so he went to Him and prayed, telling Him how powerless they are against their enemy and entreated Him to come to their help. God did not disappoint them. He came and fought for them without their having to do anything.

He understood that he is limited. He understood that his natural abilities can’t get him victory in the battles; so he activated the supernatural on his behalf.

Take His instruction and Experience the Supernatural

Mosses, when he was before the Red Sea he activated the supernatural and the manifestation was an instruction to put his staff in the sea so that God will begin to manifest in parting the water. It is instructive to note that God usually give His people instruction on what they would do as He does His. Please stick strictly to his instructions. Please don’t try to help God; He wouldn’t need it. As an example, if you are looking for job where prevailing trends makes it appear as if you won’t get it and have activated the supernatural to work on your behalf, don’t go looking for connections that will augment God’s power. That’s helping God. If you have sought the manifestation of the supernatural in your business; don’t ever use worldly wisdom and techniques to get your desired result. If you do God will abandon you.

What have I said today? When your best is not good enough for the result you desire, don’t give up. God is unlimited in His powers and abilities; so, you can tap from Him abilities beyond your limitations. Like Mosses, turn away from your trouble and cry to God. He will give you instruction which if you obey; He will manifest the supernatural on your behalf. May you begin to experience the supernatural in every area of your life!


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  1. You are doing a great work here Brother. Wedone and God’s grace. You been blessing to me. I will advice and invite others come and learn Wisdom. This Generation needs Men of your KIND. May the keep you and bless you. May you remain in his presence Amen Thanks a lot. Ochi chidubem.

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