Our world is increasing degenerating in morals and values. In fact, in every sphere of life, there is decadence. This has led to a yearning for change agents. In this post, I want to show you four simple ways you and I can change our world for good no matter how small our environment or pocket is.


Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is one of the most important key to changing your world from your immediate environment. We say that our world is corrupt and on the path of destruction because we have many people whose manner of life produces decay in the world. If you and I resolve not to join them in their manner of life, we reduce the amount of decay produced and daily send them a strong message to them to change. For instance if you and I decide not to cheat or customers by delivering the service/ product we agreed on, we are changing our world. If we decide to give people the promotion that is due them and pay serve people for the money they pay us, we are changing our world.

Your lifestyle may not result in automatic change in the lives of those watching you but it will at least set a standard for them; standard on how to live right.

By the way, let me tell you even though we live in a very bad world; a world where anomaly seems to be normal, the world expect you who said you are a Christian to live right. When you refuse to participate in their evil ways, they will abuse you and talk to you as though you are evil. They will call you names in public but in their secret corners they will admire your godly values and want to do business with you.

In public, they will call you fool for doing your job diligently and as unto God. But deep down in their heart, they know you are superior to them. For refusing to pay back evil, they will call you weak but they you are showing them that true love is real. For sticking with your wife even when temptation is everywhere, they will call Jew man but they know that your godliness challenges their sinful ways.

Please, let’s not disappoint, the world looking up to us as models.


Another key to changing you world form your immediate environment is by maximizing your conversation.          In the course of your conversation, you don’t have to preach to people but they bring up issues that affect their lives and yours. At such point you can make change in your world without paying a dime.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion in such conversations. So maximize that time and show people the way of God. Show them how to still live the right life despite harsh economic condition. Point out to them how you have be managing the little you are paid without cheating your customers or shortchanging your employer. Show them how you don’t allow your desire propel you into wrong doing.

In this course of your conversation, allow this light of the gospel so shine before men that they will find ways to obey God with ease. Don’t just sit down listening. Share your views and suggestion for change. Let your heavenly inspired ideas and solutions so shine before your classmates, colleague and even boss that they may see the way forward.


In our day and age, we live in a world that exists on our smart phones. In fact, many youths spend time on social media than that spends in real life. The question is what you do on your account. What do you write? Which picture do you put up there? What’s your comment on conversations? You have to maximize that platform. There are people that have built more following than pastors ob social media. Please ensure that whenever you have to write on your social media platform is pointing people to the right kind of life. There is so much abuse on that platform; but decide to ultilise yours platform to share truths.

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Look out for needs in your environment which you can meet. We have been empowered with wisdom and insight from God to change our world. Allow those endowments to be manifest. Give it expression.

Many of the needs in your environment may not even require your having to buy anything. Put your skill and expertise to use to help your community/society get better. When you do this you are living out Christ’s mandate to you and I to ‘Make your light shine, so that others will see the good that you do”.


When you go about doing your best to meet the need in your environment and do it diligently and faithfully, you are qualifying for greater blessing and God will come down one day to you and say to you, “You have been faithful in this little, take change of cities.”

My friend, I want leave you with this: let’s step out this week to do our best to positively change our world. Let’s not contribute to the rot in our community and nation. Refuse to give or collect bribes. Don’t wait until someone gives you launch money before you do you job. The most important is to ensure that our lifestyle is a reflection of Christ’s life. Then, we can take steps to allow that lifestyle manifest wherever we find ourselves.

I agree with Paul Shene Pear who said, “As one person, I cannot change the world but I can change the world of one person.” If you change your world and I change mine, we will be changing our world. Like Mother Theresa, your action in your little world can be a stone caste on water that will produce ripple effect. Step out today and make effort to change your world.

For more this, feel free to listen to or download this podcast: 4 EASY, SIMPLE AND CHEAP WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD


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