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Time and again I hear people say that Nigeria has no future, but having closely looked at their claims and what is true reality of life, I found that many of those who say that are either confused, or ignorant of what gives the future to a country.

Every reason that has been offered to support the claim that Nigeria has no future is based on its past and its imperfections. Are they truly what makes a country bereft of a future? No!

A country is not said to have future because it has no fault and has perfect systems. Every country’s future is hinged on its human capital and their devotion to contribute their talent, skills and expertise positively in their environment.

Guess what? Nigeria has many men and women, young and old, who are committed to its future. We are blessed with people are constantly working hard to contribute their quota in building a new Nigeria.

Let me illustrate my point.

I understand that some of our lecturers are so unserious and incompetent, but you still find those who teach with passion, giving their time to research and lecture preparation. Those are the future of Nigeria. They teach us properly so as to be equipped to contribute in solving our myriad of problems and add value to our society.

We have many youths who instead of begging, robbery and fraudulent practices take to trading and learning skills to add value in their environment and thereby get financial return. They are the future of Nigeria.

We have journalists who will turn down anybody’s brown envelope and stick with the truth even when they are poorly remunerated. They are the future of Nigeria. As they continue to uphold truth, we get better with time until the Nigeria of our dream emerges.


We have parents are not so driven by greed that they don’t make out time to give their children adequate attention needed to mold them into great leaders and positive members of society. They train their children; thereby reducing the number of potential criminals and prostitutes. They are the future of Nigeria.

Granted that many pastors in their greed and craze of wealth have twisted the truth of the gospel and have become alley to corrupt politician but there are still some of them who still stand for the truth and have kept themselves far from corrupt politician and their stolen money.

I can go on and on to show you the true future of Nigeria, but these examples will suffice.

We have limitations now and people whose selfishness and the impunity they perpetrate in public and private sector makes it appear as though the Nigeria we desire cannot materialize. But they are no powerful enough to stop the birth of the New Nigeria. The force of behind the birth of a New Nigeria is more powerful that all the forces trying to stop it. We all don’t need to be good people to have a new Nigeria; a sizable number of good people is what we need. So, don’t be discouraged at all by the teeming population of evil-minded people in our clime.

My brothers and sisters, Nigeria has a future. Don’t listen to those who claim it doesn’t. If you believe them, you won’t step out to play your part in the birth of the Nigeria our children will be proud to have. Very importantly, know that you and I are the future of Nigeria. Let’s face our job with excellence and shun evil associated with our career and in not so distant time, we will see the Nigeria we will be happy to leave for our children.

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Joseph Dinwoke

Chief Content Officer at Brojid World
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