As a new month begins today, I like to share with you how to, at least, double your performance at work, school, family and personal life by setting your priority right.

Your priority at every point in your life charts a course for your life – success or failure. It has both immediate and long term consequences. It’s not just one of those things that happen, but a controlling factor in the direction your life is moving per time.

You know, your actions are either moving you to success or failure despite what your desire is. This implies that if a number of actions will produce success for you and you understand them to be important and focus on them, you will be on your way to success and not failure.

The same is true when you erroneously make trivial matters that do not move you towards success a priority.

No matter how much you pray, fast and ‘set apart’ for success if you misplace your priority, you are on the right course for colossal failure. In fact, your prayers can only make God send you instruction that will make you set your priorities right so that what you pray for will become yours.

Therefore, as you continue your life journey in this month, do your best to ensure your actions are guided by priority. Outline the important things you have to do and order them according to their priority and follow them accordingly.

 It doesn’t make sense to focus on what doesn’t matter or matter very little at the expense of core issues. As an example: Nothing is wrong with chatting with friends and co-workers either live or on social media; but early hours of the day are most certainly not the best time for it. So, postpone it! Break or rest time could be best for it.

In your business, career, family, education and work, find out the most important tasks and give them your premium time, energy and attention. This way, you will get best results on what matters most at all time.

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May you have a fruitful days head in this month and beyond in Jesus name.

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