Pick Up Your Pieces and Soar!

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As long as we are humans, things will happen and many times those things will not be pleasant. They may shatter us and leave us devastated. Other times, they drain us of our drive and power to pursue our life goals.  Some of them may have resulted from our mistakes and stubbornness; others maybe because we are wrongly guided or without the privilege of early and proper tutelage. Whatever the case may be, no matter how shattered your life may seem,my message for you on BrojidStepUp today is this: pick your pieces up!


One fundamental truth you must bear in mind if you really wish to pick up your pieces and soar is that pointing fingers to possible causes of your troubles won’t make any positive difference in your life. In fact, it takes away your eyes and strength from taking responsibility for your life and makes you bitter against them.



Take full responsibility for where you are now and decide you have to forge ahead – have a better career, relationships, finances and be a better person. Taking responsibility forces you to look at what you can and should do on your own to live your life to the fullest despite the past you have had.



Also, be careful not to write yourself off and think nothing can be done about your situation. As long as you are alive, there is great hope for lots of positive changes and transformation in your life. You may not be able to repair the damage done in the past; but you can create the future you really want by your choices and lifestyle today.



Your life may be scattered because of the costly and too many mistakes you made as a teenager; but it doesn’t mean you have no hope of a brighter and greater tomorrow. Although you cannot undo the mistakes of your teenage years, if you border to pick up your pieces today and begin to live the life that is consistent with the future you desire, you will cancel or at least reduce to the barest minimum the impact of your past life.




I mean, you were sent to school but you lost focus and joined cult boys and they have ruined your life. It may have led you to the sorry situation of your life now; but that’s not the end of your life! You can start a new life after your imprisonment or disgrace and become a testimony and inspiration to many.



Your parents warned you against premarital sex; but some Satan deputies in form of your peers and classmates made you think it’s cool and trendy; thus you landed in unwanted pregnancy that has stagnated your life for some years now. My sister, it’s not a wonderful situation; yet it’s not the end of your life.


Breast-feed your child, wear firm bra, dress up and face life as though nothing ever happened. Pick your pieces up and stop wallowing in self pity and regrets because of your mistakes. Don’t allow what people think or say about your situation keep you down for so long! Enough of listening to the voices of mockery. Listen to the voice of the future calling you to step out and take hold of a fulfilling life.



Your finances may be in disarray because of your unguided lifestyle, laziness or lack of focus but you can turn all that around by picking up your pieces and determining for the right kind of lifestyle that will lead to the financial life you truly desire. Pick your pieces up and resolve to be reasonable in your spending, utilize all your time and capacities to earn more and invest part of your resources instead of spending all of them.



Your relationship or marriage may be in shambles because you failed to give due diligence to the principles that makes for success in them. Pick your pieces up by identifying what you may have done wrong and working on a new set of lifestyle to restore your shattered relationship. Even if it has gone bad beyond repair, please pick your pieces up and work on the birth of a new and successful relationship or marriage.



Whatever area of your life that seems to be in disarray, I can assure you that you have a bright future ahead of you. Pick up your pieces and forge ahead. Don’t concern yourself about those who look down on you; focus on those that want to help you become all that you are capable of becoming. When God has turned your life around*, those who look down on you will look up to you!

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My point?



Your life may be in shambles now; but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not God’s design for you. Do not dwell in your mess; stop pointing fingers, take responsibility for your life and pick up your pieces and reach for the life ahead of you.



*God has made provision for turning the life of any man around through such a person’s faith in Christ Jesus. Believing in Jesus Christ as the son of God who died on the cross to make payment for your sins puts you within a sphere of influence where your body parts that seem dead come back to life and habits that seem hard to drop get easily dropped. It’s your choice to make and I encourage you to believe in Jesus Christ today.

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