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As teenagers, you are under your parents control and they are regularly guiding you; giving your life direction. Even though, they come down hard on you, the truth is that their intention is your overall good.

Unfortunately, many teenagers, because they want to have their way and satisfy their desire, devise tricks to make it appear as if we still obey them even when they disobey them. Guess what? If you are like any of them, you have succeeded in satisfying your desires but ended up cheating yourself.

What I want to show you today is how you deceive your cheat yourself by deceiving your parents.

Deceiving your parents involves failure to do what you are supposed to do usually based on their instruction but give them the impression that you did it either by lying or telling them half-truths.

Your parents/teachers instructions are regulations for your madness which is natural in every child. They are God’s instrument for shaping you to become all that you are destined to be.

When you fail to obey their instruction and deceive them, you deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of their instruction and guidance. When your parents tell you not to join bad friends, they are trying to save you from being lured into crime and wayward living. You will do yourself a lot of good to obey them. When you pretend to be obedient boy by telling them not to come to your house or meeting them where nobody will be able to see you and report to your parents, you give them the impression that you have become a good boy. But the truth is that you will still reap the fruit of following bad friends. They will pressure you to do evil which may land you in jail or get you to do evil that you may regret forever.


Also, you plunge yourself into trouble and eventual failure since their instructions are supposed to guide you out of trouble and life failure. Your parents are more experienced that you. They have made mistakes and observed many people who have made mistakes and have gained wisdom on how to live life and good measure of success. In giving you instruction and advice, they are showing you what you don’t know and would regret only knowing by experience (usually painful).

When you fail to listen to their caution, warnings and instructions, you fall into the same pit that many have fallen into and are regretting.

My friend, take it from me today: your parents’ desire is that you become very successful and even achieve more success than they have. The same way you want to see good result for your effort in your school subjects, that is how they want to see good result for their effort on making money to feed you and pay your school fees. That is why I know that they have good thoughts for you. When they give you instruction, they mean well for you, obey them. You will be happy you did. To deceive them into thinking that you obey them when you don’t is to cheat yourself big time and you may regret it forever.

Just before I go, let me tell you that even though your parents have good intentions for you, they may have a wrong method for getting it for us. It‘s ONLY at such points that we don’t totally obey them. If your parents what you to excel in your exams, it’s a good intention. But if they want to arrange exam malpractice for you, that is a satanic method. Please for your good and future, turn down the offer and stand your ground. At maturity, you are responsible for your action both before human court and heaven court. Don’t cooperate with your parents to disobey God in any way, under any condition, anywhere, anytime; irrespective of the pressure.

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