It’s an established truth that the people you associate with life will either make or mar your future. This truth applies to you on campus. That’s why I want to show you six most dangerous kinds of people you must avoid on campus to keep yourself or your grades from destruction. Please note that when I say, you must avoid them, what I mean is that even though you interact with them, stay in the same room or class with them, you must not allow them to influence your lifestyle.


You may be wondering if there is any such thing as non academic students. Yes, there is!  Non-academic students are those who even though they are in school, have registration number; yet are non challant to their academic pursuit. It’s not as if they have other things doing in school like a business, but are generally not driven by passion to go out in serious pursuit of their academics. This set of people complains about all lecturers and are hardly ready to make any extra effort or even give room to slight discomfort in their academic pursuit. They never make an effort to do assignments; all they do is to copy on the day of submission. They could play games, go to any social any gathering, but will not give adequate attention to their academic work. They can discourage you and quench your zeal for academic excellence if you allow them to influence you with their words and lifestyle; though very subtly. Emulating them will land you into the ditch.

Fun lovers

This set of students is not exactly non-academic, but they are fun freak They participate in all the parties; go to all the departmental clubs. In your department, they champion social events and tend towards everything about relaxation. If you stay in the same room with the, they always want to sleep, taking time to have the best comfort possible. Is fun a bad thing? Not at all! Every youth who fail to set his priorities alright is set for destruction. As a youth and student, there is a dose of fun you are allowed and maximum time you can actually have it before it turns detrimental. That’s why you must avoid this set of people. If you stay close to them, they will ask you if you want to get first class nobody has gotten. The smart ones among them will even go as far as quoting for you, “All work and no play make jack a dull boy” and if you are not careful, you will be lured. Please note that I’m not against social events, but to make the top in your priority is a danger to your future.


Time killers are people who place no premium on their time; consequently, they waste it. They can sit down and gist for hours and not even have remorse for wasting such amount of time. When a time killer is leading an organization, fellowship or club, he doesn’t have respect for the time of his members and that makes him come to a meeting late or dismiss late. When you meet for group discussion or fellowship, they will always overshoot the time in the guise of being carried “away by the spirit”. Your time is very important to you in school. You have so many things to learn and have just four or six years to learn; that’s why you must not ever, ever, allow anybody or group waste your time unnecessarily. By the way, a way to save keep your time from being wasted is to go to meeting places with book to read while you wait for time killers. If your time killer uses gisting as his tool, kill the conversation by partial participation. Or better still, tell the person in simple terms that you are not comfortable with the harm he is doing to your time.


Another set of people you must avoid are people who are in school to pass time. They are in school not necessarily to acquire knowledge but to pass time and eventually get a degree for a job waiting for him in their dad’s or cousin’s establishment. This person doesn’t have real drive for anything they are doing in the department and are hardly concerned whenever things go wrong with their academics. Because, their mind is set on the job waiting for them “so why all the hassle?” If you don’t avoid them, they will mislead you. There is something my grandmother used to say to draw our attention that there are people where should not go out with because we are different. She always said, “A male cow irrespective of its size and strength doesn’t not play with a horse”




Notice that I’m not talking about smart boys and girls but sharp ones. These are students who indulge in all kinds of things in school, ranging from cultism, sorting lecturers for a grade, rape and jilting students who fall in love with them. Another set in this category is those who usually sneaks out on Friday night and get dropped off in front of your hostel on Sunday evening by a man who  is neither her dad or relation. I mean part-time harlots.


By the way, let me tell you that it doesn’t make sense to justify your or anybody’s indulgence in part-time prostitution because you want to survive. There are very decent things you can do to survive on campus without being a part-time harlot, writing exams for people or cultistsm. Don’t ever forget: your actions today are seeds for your future. You reap them as fruits and the fruits are usually more than the seed. Beware that you don’t go on sowing evil seed into your future being sharp today.


So, what I’m saying is that you must avoid them otherwise they will lure you into their lifestyle which will most certainly destroy them except the secure mercy through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.



Before you crucify me for what I’m going to say next, let me tell you that from my first year, I am actively involved in campus fellowship till my fourth year. I was not exactly the pastor type, but I really “did church” on campus. I must confess, it prepared me for what I’m doing now and was a platform for growth and self discovery.


Having said that, there are people you must avoid even among religious cycle. You should avoid those who say or suggest by their action that ‘ministry’ is their primary mission on campus except that applies to you. This set of people will know about a test scheduled for next week, but abandon it and go for a conference or evangelism in another town and be praying that God cancel the test. God answers prayer and does miracles, but this is sheer irresponsibility and misplacement of priority.


See, if you don’t avoid these folks, emulate them and follow them in their activities, you position yourself for troubles in school and limit how high you will fly in your field. Listen, you may still graduate with your mates, but this attitude keeps you from giving your academic attention it requires. Some people are meant to be a pastor, but you may have been born to be  an engineer that’s why you must learn your field properly in your class and spend time practicing while you let the born-pastor exercise his gift.


Having shown you these seven kinds of people to avoid, on campus, start plotting your way of escape from their negative influence. Also, be careful to ensure that you get every good thing they can teach you or you can learn from them while ensuring none of their bad traits affects you. Meanwhile, feel free to add any other kind of people you think should be avoided in the comment box below.


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