As secondary school students, having either a school father/mother is common. But many don’t take advantage of it. From my personal experience of being fathered, I want to show you why you should have a school father.

That’s how we will roll on Morning Assembly today. Let’s roll…

In my secondary school days having a school father was common. Many students agreed to be fathered for a number of reasons such as protections from bully seniors because in my school then, we have huge boys who seem to be in school purely to flog students and be feared. Some others agreed to be fathered get food because our food is too small. For me, I was not asked or begged to be fathered; I submitted myself to be fathered purely for academic mentorship.

One day, I was discussing with my closest friend then in JS2 and he told me about his school father who wakes him up at night to read and helps him do his assignment. I was pleasantly surprised. “Can he also father me?” I asked Chinonso.

“I don’t know o but I will talk to him about it. I will tell him you are from my town and you are a good boy.” He told me.

Next day I saw him and inquired to know what he said. “Accepted!” After brief introduction and quiz on my family and relationship with Chininso, by his school father, my father-son relationship with this dark, muscular guy, everybody called Davo was born.


I later found that his real name is Idoko Obiora David.

Then, the proof of your son ship was that you wash your father’s plate and pass it at the dining table and also collect it when the food has been shared. So, I started doing that with Chinonso.

I started taking mathematical problems on algebra and integrated science (what you call Basic science today) to him to solve for me.He taught me anything I want to learn. Whenever I didn’t understand what the teacher is teaching; I know that Davo is there to explain it during games or after light out. He leaves Extention house and later Calaluta house to wake me up in Providence House when I need to read in the night.

He shielded me from bullies. He gave me a shoulder to cry on. Seriously, I used to cry too much then. I can’t endure any flogging. Lols. Two times my money was stolen from my cupboard and he was the father to run for immediate consolation and assistance. I ran to him for advice. In his characteristic style, he asked many question to understand the situation giving you his advice.

Having a school father is not to get someone that will be buying you clothes and gifts for you, as it’s common in girl’s school. It’s about serious impact in your life. That’s why you must be careful who you submit yourself or accept his fatherhood/motherhood over you

He has a way of making you judging yourself. If he sees me in dirty green (our dormitory uniform), he will ask you question like, “So, there is no water anywhere in school?”. That’s his usual style of telling you that your clothes are dirty. And it really used to be dirty then. I cared less about my appearance. I just wanted to be very intelligent coupled with the fact that we had to go outside school to buy water.

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I can’t finish our story today but before the time for the Morning Assembly elapses, I want to share with you reasons why you should have a school father/mother.

These are people who have gone ahead of you. They are better posited to help your life and academics. They will teach you, counsel you and motivate you to excel in your academics. They make your accountable. Knowing that someone in investing his/her time to teach you and will check your result at the end of the term will motivate you to be more serious.

I understand that there are people who don’t have school father/mother; yet they excelled. Many times, they have home teachers or go for extra mural classes. Look out for someone good and submit to be fathered. They may not take things easy with you. If you have a father like Agbowo Sunday*(who became my school father) you must be ready to read and do extra assignment but it’s up for your good. Sunday fired the ability to wrote in me.

Having a school father is not to get someone that will be buying you clothes and gifts for you, as it’s common in girl’s school. It’s about serious impact in your life. That’s why you must be careful who you submit yourself or accept his fatherhood/motherhood over you.

In the weeks ahead, I will show you How to Choose a School Father.

*My encounter with his is a story for another day.

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