As a teenager, you can’t help but imitate some people or at least someone. You may not imitate the person deliberately. Imitating deliberating is identifying someone as well and making a conscious effort to be like the person. Whereas default imitation is a situation where you emulate someone without even realizing that that’s what you love.

A good way to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of imitating wrong values, lifestyle and habit by default is to ensure that what you truly love is right. That way, you will find wrong lifestyle repulsive that there will be no attraction to emulate it. Deliberate imitation is important when we identify people who have the right values and habits that will make progress or become better persons.

The focus of this article is to help you define the right person(s) to imitate. The reason is that the people you are imitating most certainly exert great influence on who you become and am sure you don’t you to be influenced negatively. By the way, who do I call the right person to imitate? It is someone whom, when you will emulate will result in you walking into your destiny at the right time without regrets.

The person you are imitating gives your life direction. He is like a guide on the path you are headed.  That is why you must be careful to ensure you are imitating the right people. Therefore, ensure that you don’t emulate people who are not going where you are going where you are going to.

Don’t imitate people who have acquired wealth, cheating people and indulging in crime. They have a wealth with sorrows attached to it though it may not have manifested. No matter how attractive they appear now, don’t emulate them.

Don’t imitate fellow teenagers who take action just for what they will get today and not bother about the long term consequences of their actions. They are sowing seed for pains that will manifest with time. Don’t emulate those of them that don’t indulge in premarital sex to get money. Unless, they get forgives and mercy from God, they will most certainly regret getting money that way. Don’t emulate those of them who take to exams malpractice as a way of excelling in their exams. They cheat themselves by that practice. Don’t emulate youths who give their parents’ poverty as an excuse for indulging in crime and part time prostitution. Every evil has their consequences despite your genuine reason for indulging in it. Don’t emulate those who think their parents’ wealth is for luxury and not for their development. They will grow up to realise they have wasted their opportunity.

Emulate youths who are pursuing after their future with  doggedness despite the obstacles on their way. Look out for youths who have respect for their parents and emulate them. Once you find a fellow youth whose is driven by the love for God shown in his pursuit of obedience to God, imitate him. It’s very safe for you.

Don’t emulate an elder who does evil, though seem to have some success. The reason is that sin limits the full manifestation of the power of God in any man’s life. Be careful in imitating parents who don’t have respect for God. We are supposed to obey our parents; failure to do that draws us to our early grave. However, to imitate your parents in their lifestyle you know to be ungodly is totally wrong! They may mislead you if you are not careful.

Don’t imitate movie and music stars who put their boob in public for display. One of them posted her topless picture on twitter and dedicated it to Nigeria’s Super Eagle for winning a match in the last world cup. Another who is a backslidden Christian promised to strip naked for the super eagles if they win the world cup. It’s obvious that they are confused.

Don’t imitate your pastor who will come to church to lie to his congregation just to get their money. Don’t imitate your preacher who says one thing in church and does something else outside. Don’t emulate brethren who go about their duty in church with dedication, but are unserious with their secular job. They are bad examples of what a true Christian is supposed to be. Whether in church or outside, we are supposed to go about our work as unto God, not man. Also, don’t imitate people who will do their job well in office but are eager to preach to people to about God. They are neglecting our most potent strategy of preaching – our lifestyle.

Even when you have identified people that have right lifestyle, be careful in imitating them. No human being is perfect; your General Overseer, Bishop or pope inclusive. These men are children of God; growing in the knowledge of God and conforming their lifestyle to that of God. Don’t be disappointed when you see the unchristian lifestyle in them. It could be that they have not grown to the extent where they will leave such or that they have backslidden. Just to emulate anything they do that is not in line with the life of Christ. That’s why, if you are a Christian, Christ is our model.

Please be careful to ensure that while you imitate people’s good lifestyle and character, you don’t lose your uniqueness. Still talk the way you do normally.

What have I said today? Imitating people exert great influence on who you become. When you imitate the wrong persons, you end up becoming the wrong person; however, when you imitate the right person, you move faster to your destiny. Don’t just imitate people because they are popular or are older and seems more experienced. Imitate people who have godly values and motivation in life.

Ifeanyi Dinwoke

Ifeanyichukwu 'Brojid' Dinwoke is a Media Strategist, Web Developer & Book Publisher. At Brojid World, he creates blog, podcast, and book that inspire you for peak performance in life and work. He is madly in love with Chidinma Eberechukwu (@chidinmadinwoke) who agreed to be the wife of his youth!

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