As a fifth year medical student at the University of Benin, Dr Bankole Olusina, (Pastor Bankie) was the fellowship President of Light of Christ Fellowship. Despite his double role of being a student and a fellowship President, Pastor Bankie struck a balance. Apart from the weekly teachings at his ministry office, He has been teaching medical students at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus since 2001. Today on Campus People, Pastor Bankie shares nuggets for balancing academics and campus ministry.

If you are a student, you are disgracing God if you are always doing evangelism and failing. You are studying physics in the University. Physics 201, wetin you get? F, Physics 206? E. You are carrying over every course to third year. In third year your credit load is to heavy they didn’t let you do third year at a go because the university has a rule: there is a maximum number of credits for a semester. So, you do third year for two years and finally you reach final year.

They say “Bros why are you failing?” You say, “It’s because of evangelism.”

You know what I always tell students like that? Leave the school and go home! God and do evangelism in your father’s house!

As long as you are on this campus, your first evangelism is at 8.00am before the professor. What is the evangelism? Carry your book and evangelise to it! Evangelise your note. Evangelise your assignment.

It’s not godly to leave school to go and preach in the jungle and expect to pass. God can do it but he

often doesn’t do it. If you preach too much, you fail plenty. That’s how He does it. God said, don’t come and terrorize me with your service.

I was listening to Andrew Woomark and he told a story of one man who gave his life to Christ – an American farmer who has a land as big as a quarter of Enugu state. They told him to go and plant his field. ‘Noo it’s doesn’t matter, God can do anything’ he said.

I was a campus fellowship president and fifth year medical student. We balanced everything. Don’t abandon your studies and then say you are preaching. God won’t bless it. Why? Because studying in that season is also of God!

A month to maturation, he planted and he said that God will make it mature the same time with everybody who planted two months ago. And he has to borrow about half a million dollars from the bank, to buy the seedling. Let’s make the long story short: the season changed, all this crops died and he owed money. He said, why didn’t God help me? God said, ‘I created seed-time and harvest. You missed the seed-time; you were preaching. Go and get honorarium from preaching.


Don’t forget, as child of God, everything you do is spiritual. It’s not only preachers that are called. And life has seasons. In each season of life, it is the calling of God to obey the demand of the season. If you are a student on campus, at that time, go to class. Do your evangelism in your hostel. Do it in your spare time.

We all went to school and did room to room evangelism twice a month in my fellowship on campus, after church service on Sundays. We split ourselves in pair and

we went from one room to the other. That’s evangelism!

I was a campus fellowship president and fifth year medical student. We balanced everything. Don’t abandon your studies and then say you are preaching. God won’t bless it. Why? Because studying in that season is also of God!

Besides the anointing to teach and write the word of God, Pastor Bankie, I believe is anointed to digress whenever he is teaching. Believe me, his digressesions are usually juicy.This is the transcript of one of his digressions at the Dec 5, 2015 Seminar Tagged, HOW TO KNOW THE WILL OF GODIn weeks ahead, we will publish other digressions from him that you will find very useful. You can download or listen to the audio version on this post below.

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