I can’t imagine that there is anybody who works in a firm that would not want to be promoted. In fact, the trend is that people always want to get promoted so badly that they even apply selfishness to achieve it. But I have found that anyone who knows how can indeed experience promotion at workplace without stress. That’s why I want to share with you how to get a promotion in your workplace with ease.

Please let me first explain to you that the true goal /reason for the promotion at workplace is not necessarily for more money.  A more noble reason to seek promotion at work should be to increase your sphere of positive influence and a higher platform to add value to your employer. The problem with having money as the key motivation for promotion is that people who can’t really add value to their organization get to a higher platform of influence but won’t add something substantial to the firm.

The point I am making is that it’s not good that you desire to be the head of a department in the organization you work just because that will result to more pay for you. It should be because you have demonstrated faithfulness and competence in little things which should be replicated in your department and promoting you a higher platform is the way of achieving it.

You may ask, “Brojid, are you allergic to money?” No! Not at all! In fact, I would want more of it that I currently have and if I become the richest man on the earth, there will still be room for more money (Just by the way, for me, more money is more assignment on the earth not wasteful luxury and license adultry).  After all elevated positions increase your responsibility, reduce the time you spend with your family and should be compensated. I mean “A labourer is entitled to his wages.” Says the Holy Bible. So you can see with me that I am not saying that money is bad if it comes to promotion. I only want us to see that more-money is not a noble reason to seek promotion.

Now, let’s go into the gist for today proper.

The key to promotion without stress is demonstrating competence and faithfulness in your current level and ability to excel in a higher position.

Usually, you are employed to work at a certain level in your organization. Giving your employer the results he is expecting, positions you in his mind as a success and goal getter. So that when he wants a higher goal to be gotten he picks you who have attained goals before.

In Bible times, that this truth was demonstrated in the life Daniel in the Federal Republic of Babylon as it was reported about him thus:

Then this Daniel did his work better than the chief rulers and the captains, because there was a special spirit in him; and it was the king’s purpose to put him over all the kingdom (Dan 6:3 BBE).

Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa told his story of his rapid promotion without stress.  Apart from being sold out to his job, he said, “As a sales person, each month, if I am expected to sell #20 million, my personality was #40 million. If I fail, I will deliver at least #30 million. That was part of what gave me those rapid promotion.”

From being a sales rep Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc, he rose to be a senior manager, national sales manager and in less than five years rose from director to Chairman/CEO regional manager West Africa.

Also, Richard Akinrola, former GM Guinness, Benue Branch promotion demonstrates the truth that competence and faithfulness at your current level naturally lead to promotion without stress. He recounts, “We were nine graduates, but my effectiveness and dedication to duty singled me out. For example, the brewing director, Mr Rogers, an expatriate had cause to see me on a special assignment. I was given five weeks, but in about two weeks and a half I came back with the result. I was given special recognition and within a year and a half, I was promoted far above those nine managers, some of whom had been with the company two or three years before me.”

Please recall that the second part of the principle of experiencing promotion at workplace is demonstrating ability to excel in a higher level that while you are at your current level, doing your best and getting results, demonstrate that you can also deliver results in higher levels. This could be seen in your suggestion to your boss or tackling complex issues or even in the manner you do your present job. If your boss sees excellence in leading your team, when he needs someone to lead a department as a team, you are likely to be the rapidly available option.


Stella Amata, a broadcaster told a story of how she was promoted from being a clerk in a radio house to a radio presenter. She started working as a scheduler clerk, but had her eye on being a broadcaster and so she kept practicing reading to ensure his oral English is on point. In her words, “I formed the habit reading the daily papers aloud. It happened that one of such evenings one of the producers, Mr Alfred was in the office scripting his programme, Delta PANORAMA. He was shocked, according to him, to hear my ‘golden voice’ as I read aloud in the office which we all shared. He thereafter gave me the script he had prepared and I read it to his delight. That was how I became the narrator of the magazine programme. Since then, I was given a request programme to present news to read and when the Delta state was created, we had a television studio where I got my first TV break with a programme entitled SHOWCASE.”

I understood that there are times where people play office politics to keep  more competent people from getting a promotion that deserve. Companies where such things thrive hardly make real progress or they limit the height they can attain. When you start your company, don’t do it. Don’t promote sycophants above competent people. Don’t promote those who are your friend or relations above competent people expect you want to grind your business. I choose not to mention names here, but there are people who have done it and crashed their business.

But what do you do about such possibility? Be very good at your work. That way, even a blind can’t deny your impact. If you are very good, even his friend would be scared of what other staff would say when your boss promotes less competent person. In fact, anybody that wants his business to grow wouldn’t do that.

Aware of the reality of office politics and discrimination about think group and faith Sam Ohuabunwa devised what he calls an armour against fate. I told myself that in my work what I was going to do was, if my boss asked for me for one would give him two.”

This worked for him is much that one of his managers, a British guy told him, “I don’t like your name but I like your work.”

Also, let me tell you: you don’t afraid of gang up against you or your promotion those who tried it several years, centuries ago lost their lives and those of their family. Don’t be scared of diabolic people in your workplace who are working against your progress. They can’t do you jack!

Now that you have seen that they key to getting rapid promotion in your workplace without stress is by demonstrating competence at your current level and demonstrate ability to handle bigger challenge, please stop using stressful and hardly fruitful method to achieve promotion in your workplace.

Stressful and hardly fruitful ways of getting a promotion are sycophancy, lobbying offering your body for sex or collaborating with your boss to perpetrate evil like stealing from your company. They are not necessary; take to dignified path – demonstrating competence in your present job and capability to handle a higher one.



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