The existence of womanizing lecturers is on our campuses is no longer news; even in our missionary campuses. Although you may not have power to stop them, you have the power to do two things about the situation – refuse to increase the pool of ‘he-goat lecturers’ and resist their temptation. You can reduce the pool by ensuring you don’t become one of them and training your children to be morally upright, especially on the matter of sex. My focus on Campus Nuggets this week is to share with you three nuggets to successfully handle them.

#1Say No!

One of the first things you have to do is to say no to his proposal for sex. Once you establish that he wants to have sex with you, make it clear that you are not interested. Tell him point black, not do sme sme about it. Don’t say, ‘Let me think about it.’ there is nothing to think about such an evil. If you do that it will give him room to start pestering you until you either give in or get distracted.

I am not saying you should insult him. That will be another evil. Be as polite as possible don’t leave him in doubt on the matter – you don’t want!

Brojid, how can I say no to a lecture that ‘has the power’ to give me an A or make you fail and possibly elongate my year of graduation?

Hmmm. That’s an interesting angle to look at this matter. But don’t be afraid of saying no. For your mind he has the power to make your fail; but in reality he doesn’t! He is simply a human being who is so shameless that he wants to exploit his students to satisfy his sexual desires. I don’t want to say that he is an inferior human being but unless he is redeemed, he lives a lower kind of human life.

On the matter of hurting you, believe me, he can’t you nating! He may have the authority of giving you exams, scoring you and deciding what your final score is but his not Supreme! Not even the Vice chancellor doesn’t have supreme authority! They are all humans under the control of God.

If you believe in the Bible, I like to remind you what happened before Jesus Christ and Pilate. Pilate told Jesus that he has the power to kill him or leave him alive and Jesus Christ reminded him that nobody has such authority except the one God has bestowed it on. That’s why I know that no lecturer, Head of Department or Vice Chancellor can frustrate you in school unless he has been allowed by God to do so. If God allows him, then relax and follow Him. Your job is to make sure you don’t fall for the lecturer’ request for sex; the consequence is not under your control.

I like you to know that the time for judgement of some of those guys have come and they need to try to frustrate you to get drown in the Red Sea. Don’t fall for them; maintain your ground until God fights for you or finish the trial of your faith.

What’s the big deal with it. No be just one night? Why not spare that and move on with my life; than repeating a course, dropping out of the faculty or even having an extra year?

The big deal? Ahhh! Let me tell you the big deal – it’s a sin! Period. It’s not about how long the sex lasts. It may even be in his office while standing which may not last up to an hour. It’s not about contracting disease. A good condom should help out on that. It’s not about getting pregnant; get him a rain coat and you are protected.

no lecturer, Head of Department or Vice Chancellor can frustrate you in school unless he has been allowed by God to do so. If God allows him, then relax and follow Him. Your job is to make sure you don’t fall for the lecturer’ request for sex; the consequence is not under your control.

It’s about the leakage of your spiritual energy by the act. It’s about an F you get in your spiritual training. It’s about how you will disappoint God and Satan will come to God with an ntoo because you have, despite all the singing and evangelism you are doing in your fellowship, you can’t resist such temptation.

So, it’s a big deal!

Repeating course or been thrown out of your faculty? Sincerely, it’s not easy. The shame and stress! Hmmm. These possibilities no be beans. But God can deliver you. He delivered Daniel from the Lion’s Den. He delivered Shedrach and co from the burning furnace. So, don’t be so focused on possibility of sufferings and pains that you can’t see God’s almighty hand of deliverance.

However, know that God may not deliver you. You will either repeat or get thrown out of your faculty! That’s what He did to Joseph. For no sin of his, Joseph went to prison and stayed there for years. But you and I know that going to prison was crucial for making Joseph a powerful leader in Egypt.

So, relax and allow God do his will for your life.

#2.Know Your Course

Many womanizing lecturers believe that their position empowers them to get any girls they want. So, when that fails, they look for loop holes to pounce on you or humble you.

[Tweet “No sensible womanizer will fail you just because you hurt his ego without any impediment on your part.”]

But you can tackle that by mastering your courses; especially the ones taught by the womanizers so much that you won’t be found wanting in writing and submission of assignment and answering exam questions properly.

No sensible womanizer will fail you just because you hurt his ego without any impediment on your part. If they do, apply for remarking or demand to see your script. Do this only if you are sure of what you wrote. *Lol.

Once you a have mastered your course, you will do well and will NEVER be in a position to demand help from them. I know one womanizing lecturer who came to class one day and say that it’s not his fault. He explained that it’s the girls that won’t study for exam and when they fail, they want him to help for nothing. My sister, don’t empower anybody to demand sex from you because you failed your exam.


Pray not as a religious practice but an attitude and lifestyle you should have in every situation. In this case you pray for ability to learn, recall what you learn and do excellently in your exam. Also pray for strength to resist the temptation. I have come under pressure before and found that the strength to resist temptation does not necessarily come from us; it’s imparted by God to a heart eager to please Him.

Please don’t pray that the man will die or that his John Thomas will go down and never rise again. His wife needs it; please don’t punish the innocent woman with your prayers. *smiles*

Pray to God for forgiveness on his behalf because if you don’t, God will punish him. I know your pastor told you to pray that the man will summersault and die but Jesus says, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” (Lk 6:27-36)

Once God decides that mercy upon the man has expired, He will punish him more than you can pray for.

By the way, I implore you not to even offer yourself for sex so as to get mark or help. If you fail, please go and rewrite your exam; there is fulfilment is writing your exam and passing by yourself.

What have I said today? You can handle womanizing lectures by saying no to their request and standing your ground no matter what. Knowing your course, doing assignment and test so well, he won’t find any impediment to punish you for refusing him sex. Pray to God for strength to learn and resist his temptation. Pray for mercy for him and not death. He doesn’t need to dies for you to graduate. Mrs Portifer was still there when Joseph became the prime minister.

May God strengthen you in your academic pursuit.

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