Information Communication Technology (ICT) has come to stay and is still evolving. While many have cashed in on it to get better in their lives, some others have allowed it become destructive tools in their hands. On Student Groove this week, I will like to share with you practical things you can do to boost your academic performance with ICT.

Acquire In-depth knowledge

It’s not all the time that you have a good lecturer who will put in his best to ensure you learn what ought to learn; let alone lecturers with  in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of your course of study.

Graduating without in-depth knowledge of your course or at least a gaining a good mastery of your course of study is risky in a competitive world like ours. It limits what you can do for yourself, if you chose to start up your own business. It puts you in a position of disadvantage among your peers and against the numerous challenges in our time.

The internet is a very good platform for learning whatever you learn in school or even what your lecturers fail to teach you. With adequate search and patience, you are sure to get good materials on any concept you want to study. The interesting thing is that many of them are free.

Group Discussion

One of the limitations of group discussion is difficulty of getting every participant to be present when the discussion will start. This can be sorted out by creating a WhatsApp group where discussion can be carried out, even if you are separated by geography.

For this kind of group, it’s crucial that you set the group rules, stick to it to the letter and delete anyone who defaults.

Aside WhatsApp or Facebook group you can join forums in your field of study with students or professionals and learn from them. On such forums you will ask questions and get answers. You also stand a chance of enriching someone’s life by contributing when people present their own questions.

Take Online Courses

Once you are hooked on the web, you can easily access free courses that will deepen your knowledge of your course. You can also take other courses that will make you better at your course of study without paying a dime. For most of the courses, all you need is an email address and a computer or smart phone to work with.

While taking a course in your school now, you can sign up for an online course where you pay nothing to be participate in aside taking assignments and learning actively.

There are many places you can take course on line for free. Please search it out.  But here are some examples: Lydia, coursera and OpentoStudy  

Connect with Like Minds

One of the easiest ways to learn is by connecting with people with like passion, similar aspirations and goals.

They sharpen you the way iron sharpens iron. They inspire you and spur you to be your best. They will challenge you to become better. You will get inspiration walking with them.

Beyond entertainment, there are innumerable benefits of the sophisticated gadgets we have at our disposal and technological advancement in our time. Resolve to utilize them to the fullest to learn better, get better grades and connect with positive influences.

Connect with them on social media, follow them and visit their website or blog. They may be top professionals in your area of study or fellow students at a higher class.  Link up with them and you are sure to have them inspire you and sharpen whatsoever you know now.

Facilitate Your Learning

With the kind of gadgets at our disposal, you can learn better, easier and faster. Don’t just use your laptop and smart phone to watch movies; watch tutorial and animations.

In the sciences, certain concepts are abstract because we can’t see them. However, watching an animation on them will make it more real that the texts we have read or the lecture we have had. For me, that’s the only way I could understand enzymology as a biochemistry student.

I implore you to take advantage of the completion among network service providers in Nigeria and access the internet at a low rate. Good enough, you don’t need cheat to browse since one network provider is giving excess browsing gigabits 10Gig for just N2500 which you can share with your friends and Another allowing you as much as 1.5Gig for just N50.

My point?

Beyond entertainment, there are innumerable benefits of the sophisticated gadgets we have at our disposal and technological advancement in our time. Resolve to utilize them to the fullest to learn better, get better grades and connect with positive influences.


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