Yawande Zaccheus : Blazing the Trail in her Business on Bible Principle

Yawede Zaccheus, Founder/CEO Eventful Limited, is a trained lawyer and a banker who resigned her job as a banker, dropped her wig and gown to organize events and people which she describes as “natural gift and talent God has given me.” For her, event planning is a calling. “I just found my calling and did what I enjoyed doing. My gift truly made a way for me.” She quips.

She blazed the trail in event planning and management in Nigeria by starting Eventful Limited in October, 1992, after researches and prayers. She has increased and multiplied in value and productivity. From wearing the all the hats in the operation of her business, she now has staff members who can even run her business in her absence.

In her business dealing, she is guided by some code of values. She explains, “As a committed Christian, I endeavour to use the word of God to guide my actions and principles on which I establish my business.”

Little wonder her company does not participate in one of the evil in our system – taking or receiving bribes or kickbacks to get a job. She gave insight on how her company treats bribes and kickbacks in bidding for jobs: “We do not pay bribes or give kickbacks in our company to get business. We would rather walk away from a multimillion Naira transaction than compromise our values.”

She has chosen to tour the path traveled by only a few and having done that for years admits that “it is not easy in this environment” and has persisted in her style because for her, “the values that we profess and ethical choices we make clear are fundamental to the sustainability of our business.”


Yewande Zacheus’s application of Biblical principle in the operation of her business has earned her fortune and name as her business has been thriving despite her choice to stand out among the crowd with her use of Biblical principles in the operation of her business.

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