Do you know what made men of little education turn out outstanding, making outstanding breakthrough even in the area of science, journalism and literature? Do you know what can distinguish you from you’re your peers and classmates who are trained in the same poor academic environment in effectiveness and efficiency at work? Do you know what can keep you continually on top of your job? Self Development! Guess what? It has done magic in the lives of many. Discover the magic it can do in your life.


Self development is a conscious effort one makes towards improving one’s productivity, efficiency, and usefulness. To explain this my definition clearly, I like to first let you know that every human being came into the world with an endowment, also known as potentials as well as abilities of some sort. However, they are usually in raw format. They are given in a format and structures that they can hardly be useful for the purpose God installed them into you. Also, there are vital things you should know and be empowered to do before you will be able to execute the tasks you are set apart for effectively and efficiently. This can be achieved by formal education or conscious self-development.

My focus at this point is on self-development, self-development involves the acquisition of relevant and accurate knowledge required to be able to fulfil the task you were created for. It also requires practice and preparation for effective execution of your assignment on the earth when opportunity presents itself. The point is that self-development involves getting equipped for your assignment in life, mainly by your effort, sacrifices and commitment and not the compulsion of any body or institution.

Please note that the focus of your development should be on the assignment you are called to do on the earth. It means that if you are not yet aware of the assignment, yourself development won’t be effective and may not produce substantial results. The reason is that you won’t know your key areas to focus your effort on.

Note that apart from major task you are supposed to execute, you will one day get married, raise children and serve as a role model to younger persons. Your self-development focus should also touch those areas. That’s why any book I see about being a real man/husband, I devour it. I don’t mind borrowing to buy a book on child training or even fatherhood. My reason is that I desire to learn and be fully equipped to occupy these positions and be very effective in them. I implore you to do likewise.

I strongly perceive that God created me to be his ambassador in the media and entertainment industry. These are apart from the fact that I’m supposed to be a husband and father. So, I ensure that my self-development is also titled or in fact, focused in that direction. I get any material related to these areas and consume them. Whenever I am given the privilege, I practiced around that area.

Dr Sunny Obazu Ojegbase, knowing that he is supposed to be a journalist, embarked on self-development through rigorous study of theoretical material and religious following of people who have recorded huge success in his field. He testifies, “I was reading at home, but I was religiously cutting their columns. My mind was on it. I did something else which I believe is a very good thing for people to know: I was always looking forward to reading other sports papers from other parts of the world, especially the British papers. Later I added American papers. I got a lot of inspiration from these sources. I think that helped me tremendously.”


Nike Ogunseli, CEO of Rough n Tumble didn’t have a university degree, but is on top of her game in the business of cloth manufacturing. But her secret has been self-development as she reads what people are doing in other parts of the world as well as go for conferences where she observe trends.

The great man of God, Bishop David Oyedepo didn’t go to any university or polytechnic to learn how to be a pastor. He read about 39 biographies to develop himself in executing his assignment on the earth. Even when he was about starting his(?) first university, he took the path of self-development by getting as many materials as possible from the top seven universities in the world to study and distil their success secrets and procedure for running top university. His path of self-development has been paying off.

The first paid employment I got was in marketing communication. I have never gone to any school to study it. I just found that I am wired to function best in that area and amassed myself into it; buying books and studying. Apart from giving private lesson, other things that has with which I have been a blessing to many are not product of my academic training in Biochemistry but in myself development.

Self development results in making you better positioned to execute your assignment on the earth by arming you with adequate knowledge of your area and instilling the skills required in you.  If you do it well, your lack of formal education in your area of calling, strength or job will be inconsequential. In my case, many people erroneously think that I my university education is in mass communication.

Today, I implore you to go for self-development, it will cancel of the limitations of poor educational system, position you to fly high in your field and make you better positioned and equipped to bless lives with your gifting.

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