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God always give people His words of promise but it’s their responsibility to take delivery of it. Unfortunately, many people ignorantly fail to take delivery of the promises of God in their lives. Let me show you how you can take delivery of His words and promises for your life and society.

You see, as we study the Bible, we often come in contact with statements and promises that show us great and mighty things God has in stock for His people. Sometimes, it’s inferred from the way God related with his people in those days. Other times it’s a direct promise or statement of fact that shows you privilege as a person walking with God.  Virtually every Christian believes that those words of prophecy or promise will manifest in their lives so it gives them hope in troubled times. It makes them declare, boldly of great future even when there is nothing great about their present and past.

Are they being foolish? Not at all! They are doing very reasonable thing to do in that kind of situation and won’t be disappointed if they understand the mechanism of manifestation of the word of God and wait for it. The main gist I am bringing to you today is the unlimited power of God to ensure that His word manifest, the mechanism for the manifestation of the word and what you need to do as His word manifest for you.

Friends, when God sends His word (promise or prophecy) to you, you can be rest assured that He will bring the word to pass. How do I know? After being dealt with by God Almighty, Nebuchadnezzar confessed; “All the people of the earth are nothing compared to him. He has the power to do as he pleases among the angels of heaven and with those who live on earth. No one can stop him or challenge him…” (Dan 4:35).

You want another proof? When God said that Jesus Christ will be born in Bethlehem through His prophet, He moved the king at that time to make a declaration that saw that Mary moves to Bethlehem.  Indeed, God has unlimited power; He does whatsoever He chose to with it and no man, no matter how powerful can stop him. King Pharaoh thinks that he is strong enough to resist the word of God, “Let my people go” but God proved to him that He is all-powerful. Apart from delivering His people from Pharaoh, God disgraced him and his great warrior.

He made nonsense of their powerful chariots and warriors. Again, He is all-powerful! Jonah thought he will go contrary to God’s will but he doesn’t have power to influence the wind. That was why “But as the ship was sailing along, suddenly the LORD flung a powerful wind over the sea, causing a violent storm that threatened to send them to the bottom” (Jonah 1:4).

The point I’m making here is that God has adequate power to cause events and people to corporate to bring His promise to you to function as well as frustrate events and people to ensure that His words to you manifests as He said it. Your circumstance right now cannot limit Him and the great power of seeming obstacles cannot also stop Him from manifesting His words in your life, situation or family.


But how does He do this? Your knowledge’s of the how is not so important but I like to highlight a few points about the mechanism of manifestation of His word. Please not that why I said that your knowledge of how His word manifests is not important is because He devises any mechanism depending on situation and what he chose to achieve. I shall show the mechanism I have come to understand so that you can easily trust God to cause His word to come to pass with a lot of ease.

You see, there was a time. The word of God came to the people of God through His prophet, Jeremiah. At a point God decided to fulfill that prophecy know how He did it? “In the first year of king Cyrus of Persia, the LORD fulfilled Jeremiah’s prophecy by stirring the heart of Cyrus to put this proclamation into writing…” (Ezral:1). At the time God found the word of His prophet Jeremiah, he did a stirring of hearts of people who are concerned. He spurred a king to make a decree and priests to return to the right place for the manifestation of God’s word. In fact, finish the whole chapter one and you will see how God initiated, sustained and completed the manifestation of His words to His people through Prophet Jeremiah.

Listen, if the word of God to you is that you will found and build business empires or make impact on your word with your gift but right now you don’t have any money, at the right time, God will cause events and people to cooperate to birth this business. It’s His words and He carries it until it manifests. Also, His word to you is that if you fear Him, you shall escape from marrying a bad man/woman, you will surely escape. Even if there are more hypocrites in church than real people, God will in his infinite wisdom keep you from liking them let alone marrying them. His word is that you shall give birth to children that will carry on a fellow-up assignment to what you have done yet the doctor said that you CANNOT have a child just because of your health, you can still have children. You know why? Because God has the ability to do so. How? In his infinite power, wisdom and unlimited strategies

See, whatever you have found from the word of God as promise to you or statement of fact from God to you, you must believe it and expect it to come to pass despite the prevailing situation. A member of the Kings cabinet in Elijah’s time died just for doubting the manifestation of the Word of God through His prophet. Please don’t kill yourself and deny yourself the enjoyment of the word of God to you because of unbelief. In fact, if the word of God tells you something that is physically difficult to believe, say, “Let it be to me according to your word.” That was why Mary could be the channel through which Jesus came to the earth. The people of Israel could not enter the land God has promised them because of their unbelief resulting from inaccurate comparison of their challenges and their God.


I like to point out here that your heart matters. What exactly are you expecting? Do you really believe that God is all-powerful and can cause His words to manifest in your situation? The Psalmist was inspired to write “Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust Him and he will help you” (Psa. 37:5). As far as God is concerned your faith in him is very important. Hold onto His word until it manifests; you need a lot of patience. It was patience and faith that helped Abraham get his promise from God. His faith accepted the child but it was his patience that saw the manifestation of the child.

What have I said today? God has made promises to you and I in His words and through His prophets concerning our lives and family. The word of God to you or your family is true and sure! He has all it takes to bring them to pass. Don’t bother about how He’s going to do it or Don’t doubt Him because you can’t figure out how He’s going to do it. Trust him completely to bring it to pass. No situation or person is impossible for him to change. No vision is impossible for him to achieve through you. For marry, when the Holy Spirit came upon her, she conceived supernaturally. God has not changed. Wait patiently on Him. He will not disappoint you.




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