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We have been taught by the likes of Mike Murdock and Myles Munroe to follow our passion since it’s a pointer to who we are created to be. I believe they are right; however, when you follow your passion fully and it doesn’t yield financial benefits and you have no other means of sustenance, discouragement may set in. On Career Insight this week, I want share with some thoughts on building a business and or career around your passion.

Passion Powers your Business against Obstacles

One of the powerful benefits of building a business around your passion is that the business is engineered by a very powerful engine required to drive it against obstacles and challenges that may come on your way.

Every business and career experiences challenging times and obstacles. It takes more than drive to make profit to continue when hit by the storms of life; however, the force of passion is compelling enough to keep you going despite the challenges. That’s why building a business around your passion gives you an edge over challenges of life and career.

Package a Product with Your Passion

However, when you choose to start a business around your passion, you must treat it as a business; not a part time works. You should employ business practices and attitudes in running it otherwise it’s no business.

Many people who have built a business around their passion didn’t set out to build a business. They were busy expressing themselves until they realise that people are willing to pay them in exchange for what they love to do.

Although people may be willing to pay what you love to do, it’s crucial that you take it seriously once you want to build a big and profitable business around it. Your passion should be packaged as a business; not part time work for it to yield its maximum value and sustain you the passionate.

Your passion, in combination with your talent, training and knowledge should be packaged into a solution that will solve people’s problem and help them get result in their lives and work. You need to make all these combination to be able to transform it into a business. A business is an entity that delivers solutions to people problem in exchange for another value, which is usually money.

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Passion doesn’t Make Wealth Automatic

Many people erroneously think that once they start a business around their passion, wealth is automatic. Wealth will most certainly come if you stay on it and do what you should and patiently wait for the harvest season to reap the fruit of passionate use of your passion. It’s crucial that you acquire business sense for you to be able to run it as a business and build wealth around your passion.

Your passion indeed has the capacity to make you influential and wealth in your world. Building a business around it will help you create a platform for impact and wealth. That’s why you need to package it as a solution to people’s problem for it to yield maximum value and return.

You may have to do menial jobs to keep body and soul together while you wait for the full maturity and fruiting of your fruits. I suggest that you don’t put pressure on it to produce result or sabotage your business potentials with little gains that can ruin the big harvest. Don’t lie or cheat people to make money sharp sharp. Don’t also charge more than you should because you want to hit it big. Take it easy and allow life take its full course.

Advice from the Passionate

Just before I leave you today, I like share with you the admonition of a layer turned fashion designer, Ronke Ademiuyi, the CEO of Rukkies Fashion. She said, “Go after your passion; but don’t expect to succeed overnight. Be prepared for hard work, long days, sleepless nights working away at your computer. Life doesn’t give freebies; but as long as you are doing something you are passionate about  and work hard at it, it does pay off.”


Brojid Point?

Your passion indeed has the capacity to make you influential and wealth in your world. Building a business around it will help you create a platform for impact and wealth. That’s why you need to package it as a solution to people’s problem for it to yield maximum value and return.

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