Once I was in a library after working hour around 5pm and three adults were discussing. One of them is a man who I know normally come to preach or do Bible study with one woman (the librarian). I was looking for book on the shelf and their conversation caught my attention.

“Are you saying you won’t test before you marry?” one of them asked.

I paid attention.

“No, it is a sin against the Lord” the preacher replied

The two others broke out in laughter of mockery.

“Pretender!” the woman exclaimed, referring to the preacher and continued her laughter

“So you are saying you don’t have girlfriend?”

The third man asked

“No, I don’t” he said calmly.

“What if you marry and she can’t do?” The woman queried.

“See, in our church, you can find out before marriage” the preacher started.

At that point, I lost concentration in what I was searching for, straining my ear to hear the preacher out.

He continued, sounding very serious: “If my pastor finds out that you have slept with a sister you want to marry, he won’t wed you. After the traditional marriage, usually on Friday, the man and his wife to be wedded are allowed by the pastor to go home and know themselves. If any of them can’t do it well, the wedding is canceled.”

The two other persons started making a mockery of his preaching and Christianity. He tried to defend his ground but could not. He was just blabbing.

I was shocked to hear that. I wished I could ask him the church he goes to but I could not. I wished I could call me aside and talk to him. But the discussion no concern me and the librarian dey  too dey harsh.

This conversation called to my memory of many conversations I have had with people on testing before marriage

Guess what? He is not the only person with ideology. I have encountered many who advocate testing before marriage.

The big question today question is: is sensible to test before marriage? I don’t think so! Why?

Let me explain

Marriage, in God intent, is not all about sex; therefore should not be a key factor in deciding whether people should be married or not. Marriage is about partnership for increased productivity in the fulfillment of life purpose. Preparatory activities towards marriage should therefore be aimed as ensuring effective partnership.

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Don’t get the impression that I am playing down the fact that sex is part of marriage. Trust me: I will ensure I get the best of it once I marry her.

Come to think of it. Do you realise that a healthy libido today can become sick tomorrow. So, if you break your chastity just to experiment and the libido that you found in good condition degenerates after tying the nut, what do you do?

What is sensible? If you have resolved to maintain chastity, stick with it. Ask God for a good spouse, believe him to send you one and go ahead with your marriage. God is dependable enough to give you the best possible spouse.

Please note that any explanation Satan gives for why God’s command (which his chastity) to us does not make sense is his plan to rob of us of God’s best for.

So, will Brojid test her ‘can do ability’ before marriage? No! Not all! God will give me the grace never to fall for the temptation.

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