Being in love is good. But many people fall in love without plan for it. This usually leads to either being in love with the wrong person or at the wrong time. If you want to escape from accidental love, let me show you how.


If you ask me, it feels good to be in love and it’s God’s creation in mankind. I believe in being in love* but not when it’s not our plan to be. But sometimes, people fall in love without planning it. That’s we fall in love even when it’s not our plan to.

It’s common when we are working people either choice members or team members at work and by the factors of proximity and shared purpose and values we start getting closer until realise that you are in love.

One of the dangers of falling in love accidentally is that you dabble into what you are not prepared for. And preparation for relationships vital when you choose to go into it.

Make Emotional Disconnection

The emotional connection is basically what is firing up something on your mind for him/her. That’s  why the work of getting freedom from starts from. You don’t disconnect emotionally by just saying you want to disconnect. You have to do a number of things.

Reduce Your Frequency of Interaction

Many times accidental love happens because of regular interaction and communication between people. In fact, it has been found that the life line of relationship is communication. One of the easy ways of escape from accidental love is cut off or reduces the frequency of communication – live, phone or social media. Please don’t snub him/her; it can be painful. Still be nice but gradually withdraw from communication and interaction.

Be Occupied

As much as possible, get engaged into something. Don’t leave your mind ideal because it’s when your mind is ideal that you will have time to think about him/her all day.

I don’t know if it’s will work for you. For me, I resume my personal work fully and get engaged in something very serious. I downloaded video tutorials and start learning. I also got my books and develop a study schedule that can be absorbing that I don’t have enough space to be thinking about her all day long.


Broker Physical Disconnection

The chemistry between two of you may be clear and strong even though you haven’t said anything to your selves. In my opinion, it is very embarrassing to just abandon her like that. When two of you are happy; talk to him/her. Be as nice and possible. If you like him/her, say it but explain that you don’t want to be in love with him either because you are in love with someone else or its not time or you are prepared for it. If she/he doesn’t have any feeling for you, don’t border telling him anything. Just work on yourself.

He may not like your telling him that. She any feel you don’t see her good enough; but you still have to say that to save yourself.

What have I said? Sometimes, we fall in love without prior plans for it. When you do, you can remain there if it suits you but if you choose to escape from it, make emotional disconnection and  broker physical disconnection.


  • Just note that I agree with being in love but totally disagree with being in lust or sex.


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