Today, I like to share with you is the concept of purpose and assignment in life. I feel compelled to share this with you because if you don’t have a sense of purpose (that is being here for an assignment) you are most likely to drift through life without achieving something substantial.

From my experience, I have found that walking and living my life daily with a sense of purpose guides my choice of friends, books and organization for association. These choices have been pulling and pushing me towards the task, I understand, God wants me to do here. That way, I have been able avoid a good number of distractions while embracing encouragements to the fulfillment of my assignment on earth.

Please let’s go into my discussion properly. Please, open your Bible to Jer. 1:5. From the New Living Translation, I read: “I know you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born, I set you apart and appointed you as my spoke man to the world.”

From this verse of the scripture, you can see with me that indeed God sets people apart for a task. This is not just about Jeremiah; it’s about everybody. It’s just that in other people’s case, it wasn’t dramatic. It wasn’t spelt out. But for Jesus Christ, Moses and Samson, it was very evident that God knew them before they were born.

You know what? You and I were known to God even before we were conceived. That’s why I believe very strongly that I was not conceived because my Dad slept with my Mum. It was because  God saw a need to be met; something he wants to get done and decided to appoint me for it; thus He initiated my formation.

Permit me to digress to share something I perceived God is impressing on my heart now. Conception, for God’s people, is not primarily a matter of couple meeting at the right time ( ovulation). It has more to do with God giving someone a child than sexual intercourse. You can easily see this if you closely look at the life of Hannah she met with her husband and cried for a child but she could not conceive. It was when God decided because she was no long asking amidst that she had a child.  The lesson for you and I is that when we get married to our spouses, we should always submit our thoughts and ideologies to God. We should have the heart that God gives children. Not the heart that needs children to prove a point but one that needs as channel for raising God’s army.

Back to our focus – set apart for a task. My dear, you were not born to become another Dora Akunyili, Oby Ezekwesili, David Oyedepo or Kartryn Kuma. You were born to become just you fulfilling the assignment God has given you. These people are influential but you must know that it’s wrong to plan your life to be exactly like them.

Such people are just there to inspire us. We are meant to learn one or two things from them. At least, their successes show that you  and I can also be despite your poor background.

Moses was born to deliver his people. Bezalel was appointed imbued with the spirit craftsmanship. Nehemiah was the rebuilder. Deborah was a judge, Esther delivered her people in the same way, you were born for a task. There is at least a significant area of life and assignment you are supposed to execute.

But, this is where most of us have a problem. How can I discover my own assignment in life? There are many ways but Dreams are not the only and most effective way. Events can pull you to your assignment in life, just like Nehemiah God interrupt you and commission you for an assignment, just like Moses. At this point, I prescribe that you get good books on purpose, potential discovery especially the ones written by Dr. Myles Munroe. Also you could find the book “How to Work for God” by Pastor Bankie very useful especially as it concerns discovery your purpose and calling.

The essence of this article is to show you that indeed you were born for an assignment. You must live your life daily, fulfilling that task, or at least, preparing for it. At the beginning, you may not know exactly what you are supposed to do, but if you have an idea of what it is, start preparing and working in that direction. Ensure that the books you read, messages you listen to and the association you enter into are doing something, in getting you ready for the assignment or its fulfillment. Recall that it’s when you use your talent and it increases that God gives you the chieftaincy title, “God and faithful servant”. My dear, let walk until we perform our task.

Stop wasting your time doing what he didn’t commit in your hands to do. Do the one he has called you to do. No matter how unattractive it is. Please understand that the unfaithful servant Jesus talked about was punished. Every time we neglect the assignment God has given us, we set ourselves up for punishments.

As you go out today, stop living as though you were born just to get married, bear children and get money. You were born to implement God’s mind in your generation, wealth and fame are just byproduct of walking doing the task you are set apart to achieve.

Let me ask you this again. At the end of your life what will be the summary? The people we still remember today made impact while they were here. Their impact is usually in the area of God’s assignment for his life not in just trying to impress people or seeking comfort.

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