Research and content creation has been in existence for a long time; however, only very few priviledged among them profit from their work.  In an encounter with Brojid World Editor, Joseph Dinwoke, the founder/CEO of Raadaa , Ezugwu Chigozie revealed that Raadaa.com was created to expose contents and researches and financially reward their creators. Read on for details of the encounter.

Content creation and research has been as old as early civilization and have proven to be indispensable for advancement in man’s way of life. The quest to better understand nature and events of life has heightened researcher’s desire to study phenomena and document them to enable individuals and organizations make better decisions, achieve better results and lead better lives.


Thousands of these contents and research works get written and published every year in Africa; but unfortunately, they don’t get to the target audience due to unavailability of platforms where they can be exposed to wider audience.


In fact, the few journals where researchers could publish their contents demand that a fee be paid by these young researchers leaving these ones who fund their research works or undertake the cost of creating their contents incapacitated in exposing their contents to the world, let alone profiting from their labours.


This has weakened the drive of many researchers and content creators to put in their efforts to research or create original contents thereby keeping Africa backward in the quantity and quality of information about us and our peculiar environment required to make quality economical, political and educational decisions. This has no doubt affected our performance efficiency in life.


To break the barrier in sharing and profiting from knowledge, Raadaa.com was created and launched by a team of tech savvy and Africans led by the CEO/Founder, Mr Chigozie Ezugwu.


“Raadaa is borne out of the desire to provide open and unrestricted access to research, preserve and collate research works and empower researchers by helping them monetize their research works with ease. ~CEO/Founder, Mr Chigozie Ezugwu.”

In an interview with Brojid World, Mr Ezugwu revealed that Raadaa.com was founded to enrich the world, starting  from Africa, with knowledge and help authors get reward for their labour.“Raadaa is borne out of the desire to provide open and unrestricted access to research, preserve and collate research works and empower researchers by helping them monetize their research works with ease.”


He further revealed benefits of hosting your research and contents on Raadaa.com. “Authors can monitor the consumption of their contents and the discussions raised, as well as view their impact, based on the ratings and reviews they get. They can also share with fellow authors and participate in peer reviews.”


Despite all the benefits that Raadaa offers, the CEO explained that creating your account costs nothing. In his words, “Creating an account on Raadaa.com is free and will ever be! All you need is an email address and it will take less than three minutes to create your account.”


Brojid World checks on the website confirmed this to be true. We also found out that they have a system that supports protection of your copyright for your contents and helping you take legal action against copyright infringement on your work.


As stated earlier, you get reward for your content hosted on Raadaa.com and you with draw your earnings whenever you choose to. Once you request payout, the billing department gets down to process your payment with your account details and within three workings days, you have your earnings credited to your account.



Raadaa.com has come to stay and is set to revolutionize knowledge sharing in Africa, by African and on Africa.


Researchers, lecturers and content creators in Africa have created their accounts and uploaded their research works on the site. You have a stake in Africa and you can be a partner in breaking the barrier to information in Africa by creating your account today.


Your research works and content enriches Africa and you get rewarded for your labour. You can start by signing up HERE.


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