A traveler without a direction will get stranded and may never get to his destination. Unfortunately, many youths hardly know the direction their lives are going or what they are here on the earth for. That’s why many of them wonder in life doing next to nothing or doing everything. Let me show you why you need to define the direction your life should go today before it gets late.

My friend you need to know or at least have a good idea of the direction you are going in life. That is having a sense of purpose. Some people call it destiny while others call it calling. Whatever terminology you use, the important thing is that it is what you will spend a large chunk of your life doing and eventually get known by.

As a young man or woman, if you go about your daily life and preoccupation with a sense of purpose, it keeps you from wasting your time, guides you to the right associates, help you channel your money, time and resources towards a defined end.

Let me illustrate, a farmer that goes about his farming with a  sense of purpose is one who knows what he specializes in farming and ensures that his every action, time and resources counts in that direction. If he is into fish farming, he wouldn’t waste his time buying tractor. He can’t pretend not to need constant supply of water. He won’t also wake up in the morning and start discussing success strategies in fishery with a coca farmer because they are not going on the same direction. Because he wants to make success of his farming, he will go for seminars on fishery and read everything he can lay his hands on about fishery. But if he doesn’t know where he is headed, he won’t know what to focus most of his energy, time and resources on.

See, true and enduring success does not happen on people, it is acquired by walking according to success principles. But if you have no true idea of the direction you want to be successful, you have not even taken the first step towards success.

One of the success principles is an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and growing into an expertise in an area but this is not possible if you don’t know where you are headed. If you have found that you should go into fashion designing, you will start learning in that area as well as working there. The result is that you eventually learn it so much and design so much that you make great impact in the lives of society with wealth  and fame as the obvious byproduct.

You and I need mentors to become the success we are created to be. Mentors guide us into al round success and peak performance in our purpose. In fact, quintessential entrepreneur,  Sunny Obazu Ojegbase noted, “Everyone needs a mentor. When you have a genuine mentor, you hardly go astray. A mentor has seen it all; so he is in a better position to guide you. When you have a good mentor and you take advantage of his knowledge, he would help you cross so many bridges that could have left you stranded.”

How do you locate your mentors or people to look up to if you don’t have a sense of where you are headed? Ever since I found that am cut out for the media, I get close to the big players I can see. Most of them, I can’t even get to the city they live to ask them questions and drink from their wealth of knowledge and experience; so, I read their interviews and follow them on social networks.(For more on  mentors see, my article The Power of Mentors).

Please don’t be deceived into thinking that you will be jack of all trade and master of all of them. Even if you get involved in other things, there must be one area that is your core competence which you must focus on and continue building yourself to become a top player in. The successful people we know today have area of core competence. They get involved in other things in life but they still know where they are headed. The wisest King, King Solomon primary preoccupation was leadership but he was also a business man and poet. David Oyedepo is primarily a preacher but we know he is involved in academics and publishing. Aliko Dangote is synonymous with cement but we know he is involved in things like sugar.


If you do so many things, you know a bit about all of them but if you focus on a particular thing, you know a lot or even so much about them that your impact in the area will become undeniable to the world.

A guide to know where you are headed is finding out what God wired you to become. What you are wired to do excellently with less stress is a good pointer to what you are supposed to do with your life. Please don’t becloud your sense of ascertaining the right place with fear of poverty. No career holds the monotony of making people wealthy. Wealth is a reward to man from God for doing what God deployed him on earth to do. It’s not really a function of career choice or location in life.

My friend listen, Kano Nwankwo is known for football, Onyeka Onwenu is known for singing; Larry Izamoje is known for broadcasting sports, Otunba Gaddafi is known for DMT Mobile toilet (shit business); Chioma Ajunwa is known for sports and Ali Baba is known for comedy. What will you be known for? The answer this question points to the direction you are headed. Please give it all it takes until you become all you are capable of being in that area. For me, I choose to be a kingdom media guru.


PS: For more on this download series of teaching by Pastor Bankie on purpose entitled, A Life Of Purpose free from his website or Read Myles Munroe’s books on purpose.

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