You and I need advice in our personal lives, business, career and family. It’s crucial we crave for it at all times. However, there are times we get well-intentioned advice that are not healthy for consumption. On Youth Mentor this week, I want to share with you how to identify such advice and handle them.

You & I Need Advice

No doubt, you and I need advice at one point or the other in our lives. In fact, it’s not safe to go about life without reaching out for advice or being open to receive it when it’s volunteered.

However, despite the need to get adequate advice, efforts should be made to ensure that any advice received is good and safe for application.


One wrong advice can set you on regrettable future; irrespective of how well-intentioned it is. It’s safer not to get any advice than get the one that will ruin your life, family, career or business.

Good Intention? Not Good Enough!

Good intention for giving advice is good; but not good enough to guarantee that such advice is safe and sound for consumption.

You know why?

Someone may have good intentions for you; but have no good advice for you. It’s not because he hates you but he just doesn’t have any advice that is good enough to march his good intentions. Despite his good intentions, he gives your life direction that will bring you regrets and pains.

One wrong advice can set you on regrettable future; irrespective of how well-intentioned it is. It’s safer not to get any advice than get the one that will ruin your life, family, career or business.

God created the earth and set in motion how things should be done. He has a manual for living and has specifications for the use of all that exist on the earth. No matter how good anybody’s intention is, if he gives you counsels that contradict God’s word, he is leading you to pains and regrets, at least in the long-term.

Counsels Give Your Life Direction

One of the key things about the counsel you get is that they direct the affairs of your life. They produce action for you which eventually lead to lifestyles that result to a destiny. When you get good counsels, you are sure to get a good destination if you apply it. In the same vein, when you get bad counsel, painful and regrettable destination is sure, unless you change your way and secure God’s mercy through Jesus Christ.

If your father wants you secured from possible spiritual attacks and advises you to join any cult or help God with charm, he has good intentions but is leading you to destruction. You will disconnect yourself from God, yet have no sure protection. In fact, you become vulnerable!

If your friend advises you to follow sugar daddy or even get a boyfriend to assist you financially, she good intentions but she is leading you on the path of destruction. You will meet your financial challenges but leak your spiritual energy in ungodly sex and may never develop capacity. Many talented and beautiful girls have been wasted as a result!

When they advise you to get nude girls on your music videos to make sales and become popular, they have good intentions for you; but are pushing you to promote evil with your songs and get disconnected from God. In fact, people who rise in the music industry on the wing of nudity and dirty lyrics hardly remain at the top; it takes talent! They crumble after rising on hoax.

When they advise you to turn to the other side of the bed because your husband offended you and not allow him touch you, to punish him for his sins, they have good intentions but will land you into trouble. Jesus tells us to forgive. You may lose your husband as result! When they tell you to keep your money away from your wife before she can run away with them, they mean well but it will bread suspicion in your marriage. Marriage makes two of you one and ScripturalSense demands that you relate and act as one!

Well Intentioned from People that Like You

You will get such good intentioned advice from those that are concerned about you and your life. They care about your warfare and so they advice you; but if their advice runs parallel to Gods’ order for life, marriage, business or ministry, jettison it. Yes, delete it both in your biological folder and ensure it doesn’t stay in the recycle bin.


Please, before you jump off to resist good intentioned but ungodly counsel, I like to tell you that it’s not easy to resist. God has to help you for you to succeed in doing it. Many times it makes sense to take the ungodly counsel, especially if you are in a desperate situation. It’s also difficult to resist because you know that those advising you wrongly like you and they will feel bad if you turn down their well-intentioned counsel. But you must turn it down, if it’s ungodly!

Rejecting the Bad Advice

In the past, I blundered in rejecting godly but well-intentioned counsel. I resisted forcefully. I resisted it as though the advisors hated me but they didn’t. But I have grown and learnt a better way of doing it.

Reason with them! Yes. The same way they reasoned their ungodly advice with you, break your stand down for them to see clearly why you will not take their advice. Make sure you let then understand that you don’t doubt their good intention; but want to do what God has prescribed. If there is no other logical explanations for your choice but the fact that God said so, make it clear to them. If they make a mockery of obeying God, don’t mind them. Stand firm and refuse to stand down.

They may not like you if you insist on living by ScripturalSense; but it’s one of those things in life. How many people liked Jesus in His days on the earth? Even today, do you know the number of people who don’t like God? Remain steadfast; follow hard after God until He proves to everyone angry with you that indeed, every God’s ways that seems foolish to men is wiser than the best wisdom emanating from human beings.

Despite Peter’s good intentions, Jesus Christ turned down his Satan inspired the view.

 “But Peter took him aside and corrected him. “Heaven forbid, Lord,” he said. “This will never happen to you!” “Jesus turned and looked at his disciples and then said to Peter very sternly, “Get away from me, Satan! You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s.” (Mat 16:22; Mar 8:33 NLT).


Don’t succumb to the counsel of the ungodly or the ungodly counsel of the godly because they mean well. Good intention alone is not good enough! Any good intentioned advice must be in tandem with God’s view; otherwise it should be rejected in its entirety!

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