My parents gave everything I need for solid foundation in life – spiritual and moral training as well as charted a course for quality education for me but denied me one thing – sex education.

They never told me what that rod like structure between my legs can do. They kept me in the dark of the fact that at some point I will for no reason start feeling honey.

Once I queried my mother, who was always drumming sex education in the ears of my female siblings, on why she and my Dad never told me about those stuffs. She gave me an excuse which bother on this alibi of ‘don’t want to corrupt the child’ and ‘as a boy you not at the receiving end sex abuse’
Their failure to give me sex education didn’t stop me from having first wet dream.

Eventually I had my first wet dream! At 16. It was on a Sunday Moning.
After our Sunday Fellowship in EFAC (Evangelical Fellowship in Anglican Communion) in my home town, a brother called me aside to talk to me about sex and backsliding.

I confess: There was a girl I had started liking – she is intelligent. That was just the attraction! Ever since we met, we have been testing ourselves to know who is more intelligent. In fact I had planned to go their house that evening to see her to continue our question-and-answer-challenge.

This brother called me under a mango tree at old church in St Thomas Anglican Church, Aku, Enugu State, Nigeria to give me what I needed badly.

“How old are you now?” he asked me in his smooth voice
“Around sixteen”


“That’s ok; so we can talk; I want to talk to you about sex” he said bluntly.

Then in EFAC circle, you can’t just mention such word that way.

I nodded in affirmation and we moved to sit on a log under a mango tree.
He started the most important sex education I got as a teenager.

For more than two hours, he talked to me about sex, how many breathren have fallen. His sexual temptations and how he overcame. He was plain and hid nothing from me.

I can’t remember all that he said but what stuck on my mind after that two hour class on sex education was: “Don’t even start because if you start, you may never stop. No man gets intensely hungry what he doesn’t know how it tastes.”

His sex education didn’t stop there. The urge for sex continued to increase despite that I was ‘pastor’ who preaches on Nsukka High School Morning Assembly. And I confessed to him; telling him every way I feel and gave me practical tips to control it.

I have not arrived; but that singular class has helped me greatly in the face of intense temptation. It has helped me create boundaries in my relationships.

Brother Ugwu Emenike Christian, God bless you plenty for allowing God use groom me. Who knows what my life would have been if I had continued the book love I found at that early age? You gave me books to read. You gave Pastor Bankie’s books. You encouraged to remain steadfast in the Lord May God protect you and shield you from all the Portifer’s wife on your path.


Happy Birthday my brother from another mother!

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