Hanging out is one of the many unavoidable activities of life we indulge in. We do it either do it to ease off from life pressure, to fill our free time or relax after the day’s work. Whatever be the motivation for hangout, I think we need to make it beneficial and not destructive. On Youth Mentor this week, my desire is to share with you the beneficial potentials of your hangout, how to maximise it and how to connect and disconnect from destructive hangout.  


Hangout is a time of interaction with people as well as observance if their lifestyle. If the interaction does not make your life better, it’s most certainly making it worse. That’s why caution should be made to ensure that you and I don’t expose ourselves to destructive influence in the name of hanging out.

I will give you an instance. If you hang out with womanizer, you will expose yourself to their influence. Their words, jokes, and analysis will either suggest or encourage you to give womanizing a trial or even become a core womanizing practitioner.

If you hang out with people who are always at logger head with their husband, they are likely to inject a spirit (or attitude) of rebellion against their husband in you. You may not realize how much impact their discussion have made on your mindset until you get home and catch yourself reacting to your husband based on the lies that have been sold to you.

On  a personal note, I have hung out with people who have drive in life and one thing that happens after each hangout is that I get motivated, inspired and encouraged to continue in my life journey. There are people who by mere sitting them with them to talk about God and what God has created us to quenches sexual passion that has been raging in for me for days. It doesn’t mean we talked about. We just casually discussed life from the prism of God’s word and will for our lives.

If you hang out with womanizer, you will expose yourself to their influence. Their words, jokes, and analysis will either suggest or encourage you to give womanizing a trial or even become a core womanizing practitioner.

Your hang out leaves you with, at least, a thought for your subconscious. You ruminate over it until you even get to do it.  If you are left with destructive information, chances are very high you will think about it or even live them out.

If you find yourself in the midst of destructive hangout, disconnect for your future’s sake. In disconnecting from destructive hangouts, you don’t have to insult the persons you want to disconnect from; tactically dissociate yourself from the gathering. For me, I have to create an activity that will make me very busy the time they hangout. When you give those excuses for some time, they will understand that you are no longer interested in their association.

In the event they choose not to understand the signal you are sending, make it plain to them that you can’t hang out together. In fact, make your hangout uncomfortable by stating your grounds and standing by it. Don’t get just smile when they crack dirty jokes. Don’t keep quiet saying it’s not your business to talk. All of you have an equal chance to talk; air your views no matter how strong it contradicts theirs. Then with time, they will either change or choose to disconnect from you.BROJID.COM. HANGOUT YOUTH

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If I have to prescribe hangout for you, I prescribe that you:

Don’t hang out with co workers whose job description is to talk ill of others. They may instill hatred for other workers in you.

Don’t hang out with the sexually immoral. They way drag you into their lifestyle or at least make it more difficult for you to control your sexual desires.

Don’t hang out with people who make you afraid of life and present the future as bleak before you. They will sap the stamina needed to win life battles from you.

Hang out with people who propel you to better life; people who spur you to become all that you are capable of becoming. Hang out to those who can encourage you to stick with God and have a better walk with Him.

The point I am making is that anybody you hang out with will most certainly affect you. Anybody you hang out with will expose you to their lifestyle and values and by that either challenges you to imbibe them give it a consideration. Be careful to ensure you don’t hang out with people that will lead you into destructive life. It’s better to be alone than to chill out with people who will lead you astray. Even when you occasionally or accidentally find yourself in the midst of people of destructive values, put a sieve in your ears to trap any trash they may be saying. When you locate beneficial hangout mates, please make the most of it by allowing their iron sharpen yours.


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