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In life, people usually do only what they believe or know that they are capable of doing as a result, we back off from embarking on certain task and agree to undertake others. As an example, you could meet a student who have never finished a 120-page book and ask him to finish it and he will reply, “I can’t do it.” His reply is purely based on his past experience – have never finished such volume. But the truth is this man could have the ability to finish such volume, but have never tried; thus he believes he can’t and never did.

Many of us refuse to step out and do what we can do because we have a faulty opinion of ourselves. As an example, an angel told Gideon that he is a mighty man of valour, but he refused to accept it. He gave reasons why he will not take the identity God has given him. Did Gideon reject the identity because he doesn’t want to be the to be a mighty man of valour? No; not at all. So what’s the matter? His past and present experiences do not suggest that he is. Many times we reject the identity God give to us (which is our true identity) because we try to get our identity from what happened in our past and what is happening in our present life. Unfortunately, by this we limit what we can achieve or who we can truly become.

Today, I am asking you: Who are You? Have you allowed your circumstances, change your true identity? Your parents called, you never-do-well? Have you allowed your past mistakes and errors to becloud your true identity.  It’s time you got your true identity and live your life accordingly.

Your parents called, you never-do-well, but that is not your true identity. That’s just their opinion. My friend, that’s not your true identity. David brother, Eliab, was ignorant of his true identity and so he treated David with utter disregard. In fact, he misunderstood David’s desire to take on the giant. “I have knowledge of your pride and the evil of your heart, you have come down to see the fight.” 1Sa 17:28


Let me tell you something: if because of your background or circumstances think you are not a great gift to your world, you cannot manifest it. You will always look for how to get instead of giving. Stop that please. Identify your true identity; whom God sees you as. That’s truly who you are. You may have been called diverse names that are inglorious by your parents or teachers because of what you did in the past. Maybe, those names are true for whom you have been up till now, but you can have a change of name. Jazez prayed to God for a new identity and he got it.



Again, “Who are You?” It’s not really what your peers or society thinks about you. It’s who God said that you are that you are. Pay attention to whom He thinks you are; that’s really who you are. You could be wrong in your identity of yourself. Jeremiah said that he was only a child and can’t deliver the message God set him apart to deliver. But he was wrong. Moses told God that he is not the person for the job of delivering God’s people from Pharaoh, but he was wrong. That is why the most reliable source of getting your identity is from God; not your parents, elders, peers and even professors. Listen to me: you are destined to for great places; just live in the fear of God and it will be manifested in your life. So stop thinking, believing and living like you are poor and can’t get anywhere great.

Jeremiah, Mosses and Gideon, who claimed that they were not what God said that they were remained where they were until they believed God’s identity and lived accordingly. Stop arguing with God! Accept who he said you are in this manual (the Bible) and believe him. When you believe him, he will empower you to manifest it.

God has deposited some abilities in you as well as instill some passions in you. They are usually pointers to what you can do and what God would want you to do. Things may go wrong in and around you, but don’t let it make you lose the identity God has given you.

See, Mosses faced stiff opposition despite that God saw him as a deliverer. Oppositions and challenges are not at all proofs that God has not given you the identity you have. They are avenues God will prove how powerful He is behind you.

Stop calling yourself a failure because few things you tried out did not work out. Stop saying you are useless because of  your past sins and faults. That you failed one or two courses in school does not change your identity from being a bright student to a dull one.


Again, I want to tell you this truth: The world is in need of something desperately and prayed for it. God answered it and decided to package a solution. That’s who you are. Your true identity is an extension of the nature of God.  You are not a poor young lady who has been abused or even wasted her life is illicit sex and abortions. You are God’s solution to at least a problem of humanity. You just missed your way. If fork makes itself available for use and as a comb because he doesn’t know that it’s for feeding, it doesn’t change its identity. It only means it has been wrongly used. If you are that fork that has been used in all kinds of evil, you can make yourself unavailable for such use.  Just identify the area you should be. Focus on your true identity and it will manifest.

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