Ever since his foray in broadcasting after secondary school, Deji Irawao has not looked back. He has a wide range of experience in broadcasting from Plateau State Radio/TV stations, Nigeria Television Authority(NTA), HiTV before starting a 24 hour gospel cable TV, Exclusive to Divinity TV(X2D). BROJID.COM Editor, JOSEPH DINWOKE, x-rays how he started, his secrets and what has kept him going despite the myriad of challenges besetting him.


While he was preparing for JAMB exam after secondary school, his Uncle, Bisi Alade Bello, discovered the raw material for broadcasting in him and picked interest in him. He initiated the process of refining his raw talent.

His early romance with broadcasting straight from high school, would have ushered him to study mass communication to mould himself into a true broadcaster but Deji took another route to the media world. He studied Political Science from the Lagos State University; a step which he believes prepared him for his leadership role in the media. “Though I was doing political science, I knew it was grooming me for leadership in the media because even then, I was involved in media initiatives.” He recalls.

While studying political science, he didn’t let go of his passion for the media and his innate gift in communication. He juggled his academic work with compeering events, radio presentation and media adventures. All these prepared him for the Outside Broadcasting Service (OBS) and radio/TV stations during his mandatory service one year to his father land.

Armed with experiences in the media ranging from a broadcast media producer, presenter and channel manger, he birthed X2D, in 2009, a vision he has been nursing since 1998.

Before the launch of the channel, X2D started as a television programme “with the intent to showcase gospel entertainment.” According to Deji Irawo, Lead Partner of X2D, the 24 hour music, lifestyle and entertainment cable TV was born to “create television programming that the whole family can enjoy.” He further explains what the TV is for, “What we have are talk shows, discussion programmes and videos that the whole family can sit down and enjoy without nudity, without violence; without anything offensive.”


Apart from his passion in the media, Deji gave insight on his motivation for starting X2D, “I see how the media is shaping things and how our youths go around half dressed and I see that a lot of these are being gotten from the media and entertainment. So, rather that say that television has gone bad, I think I should not complain but do what I can to make it better.”

Running business especially pure gospel media is fraught with challenges. It is even more challenging in Nigeria environment. This has made many people give up on their vision; but not Deji Irawo. He explains: “What has kept me is that I believe it is an assignment that must be done and the need to impact society with the right message.”

His passion in the media has fetched him money since his days as an undergraduate but for him money is not a measure of his achievement. “I see money as a tool to do more. So, when my passion brings money way, I always look for how to plough it back to make me a better person and to ensure that I am able to do what I do better.”

He shares wisdom for anybody aspiring to birth a vision. “I think the first thing is to know what God would have you do. If you are doing the wrong thing from day one that will be a big issue. One of the reasons why I haven’t given up in my many frustrations is because it was God that asked me to what I am doing. So, because of this, I believe He will give me grace somewhere along the line. Another thing is to be persistent. I am always looking for better ways to do what I do things.”

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