Choose Your Husband Pack

Choose Your Husband is not just a book that will help you make the right choice of a husband, it’s a compendium of insight that will save you from the pains of marrying the wrong man. You can exempt yourself from the pains many women suffer in the hands of the wrong man by getting a copy of Choose Your Husband pack today!


Below is a link to the book, Choose Your Husband and the 20-part audio teachings on each of the topics. Kindly click on each of the titles to download them. We request that you share this link or your downloaded pack to at least 10 persons that may find the book useful at no cost to them. By so doing, you help us save thousands of single ladies across the world from the anguish of choosing the wrong man.

BrojidBook: Choose Your Husband

The Audio Series:

  1. When a Man Proposes Marriage
  2. Lest You Rush Your Answer
  3. Are you Ready for Marriage?
  4. Marriage is not an Achievement
  5. Your Time for Marriage
  6. His Proposal: a Favour?
  7. Husband is not Scarce!
  8. Marriage; not Financial Assistance
  9. When the Devil Wants a Wife
  10. Marrying Uneducated Man
  11. Marrying Among Your People
  12. Me, Choose a Husband for You?
  13. You Can’t Marry Any Man
  14. Acquiring Husband Material
  15. Why Many Reject Husband Material
  16. Who is this ProposerSef?
  17. Beware of these Guys
  18. Playing Hard to Get
  19. Your Sense; not Good Enough!
  20. Engaged? Congrats!


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