When Your Guy Asks for Sex

When Your Guy Asks for Sex

As a lady, you can’t escape being asked for sex and that in itself is not a bad thing. Sex is good, the desires and structures for its maximum enjoyment were built in you and me by God Almighty.


However, you can’t enjoy it with just anybody; your husband is the only person you are supposed to have sex with.


You may know this and are actually working towards it; but the men—boo, colleagues, classmates, boss, pastor, lecturers—you encounter may not care about it. So, they ask you for it directly and indirectly.


The obvious thing to do is say ‘No’ to their request. But this is not as simple as it sounds. To be able to say ‘NO’ properly, a lot of questions beg answers.


Generally, ladies play hard to get even with men they really like and want to be with; thus, when they say ‘no’ to a man asking to sleep with them; what the man hears is ‘yes.’


So, how do you say ‘No’ clearly and firmly so that he understands that you are not playing hard to get; but actually not interested?


Sometimes the guy asking for it is someone you truly love or respect and so you don’t want to hurt him. How do you communicate your refusal respectfully?


Many times, your refusal can attract some negative consequences. How do you manage such negative consequences?


These and more questions like that are what I emptied into the 66 pages of the book When Your Guy Asks for Sex.


Specifically, as you go through the pages of this book or listen to the accompanying audio, you will learn:

  • 3 Reasons why a man that’s not your husband would ask you for sex and how those reas ons will help you in handling him tactically. Pg. 10
  • 4 Subtle ways guys ask for sex and how you too can send your refusal message without saying a word too. Pg. 15
  • 5 Ways to communicate your refusal respectfully especially when it’s your boss, pastor, lecturer that’s asking. Pg. 22
  • 5 Ways you can handle the guy that has refused to listen to your ‘No’ and continues pestering you. Pg. 26
  • How to deal with your boss’ ‘attack’ on you for refusing him sex. Pg. 58
  • What to do when your fiancé asks for sex to prove your love or test your sexual compatibility. Pg. 38
  • How to handle your sister’s husband asking you for sex when you are living with them. Pg. 55
  • What to do when your past sex memories keep dragging you to sex. Pg 33
  • How to Know Your Pastor is into You and How to Say Tactically Say No to His Sex Request Pg. 50
  • My ‘N0-Sex-Before-Marriage’ Tale Courtship. Pg 46


This book was written in response to different stories I have heard and request for counselling I have gotten from ladies on men asking them for sex and I carefully wrote it to ensure that I give you a comprehensive guide.


Here is my promise to you:


With this practical guide, you won’t react to sex crudely; but tactically so you don’t deliberately kill relationships that would have otherwise blossomed. You will learn how to scare men away from even bringing up the discussion of sex with you.


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