My name is Joseph ‘Brojid’ Dinwoke, a University of Nigeria trained Biochemist an Radio Producer/OAP  at Radio Nigeria’s Voice FM, Nsukka, until March,2018, when I had to leave Enugu for my post graduate studies. I’m a Lifestyle& Inspirational & Blogger Brojid World and Media Strategist FrateeMedia.

My starting point in media was in my second year from my campus fellowship, Student Christian Movement, UNN where I joined the media team, wrote news stories for broadcast at fellowship events, edited messages and all kinds of media presenations.

That culminated in my being assigned the role Editor in Chief of my fellowship magazine Pilgrims Magazine and then Editor in chief, the joint campus fellowship’s magazine Unity Magazine; where I prepared and edited contents for publication.

In September 2012, I started blogging officially at Brojid world, a platform where I create, package and publish contents ranging from articles, interviews, features, podcasts and books aimed at inspiring, mentoring and coaching my audience to attain peak performance in their lives and work.

I continued writing and doing everything media and writing including writing features story for The Sun’s Education Review. Seeing my story, Tales of Married Students, in print was one of my best days as an undergraduate. I felt cool seeing a story I generated the idea, carried out all the interviews and wrote published on the cover of Education Review.

When I saw an 8-weeks space from school, in 2014, I decided to get professional training in broadcasting since I have found that I am good with content development and some people convinced me that I am a good speaker. Thus, I moved to FRCN Training School, Ikeja, for a course in Radio Production. I completed the course with a Distinction.

Thereafter, I resumed work at Radio Nigeria’s Voice FM, Nsukka as a news reporter and I assisted presenters and producers in generating contents and carrying out research for their programmes.

About July 2015, I started co-presenting an inspirational programme with someone on Sunday Morning until I was asked to produce and present the programme alone. I did that until I left for NYSC the following year.

Meanwhile, on completion of my training in Lagos, I was invited to take up the role of Radio Producer for, Joint Christian Body’s Radio Programme Moment of Insight aired on the campus radio Lion FMNsukka.

I combined two of them until the campus programme was rested.


During my service year, I worked in a radio station, RayPower FM, Kano as news reporter and Studio manager and in the course of my stay created blog and managed it.

I left NSYC to resume my job in the radio station I was working in Enugu before fatherland came calling. Again, I am out in pursuit of higher degree.

Today, I live to create contents @BrojidWorld in form of blog posts, podcasts, books and social media posts to inspire and guide my readers to attain peak performance in their lives and work.

In the course of trying to do this all-important work of getting my message cross to my target audience, I have picked media skills such as Podcast Production

, Copywriting, and Graphic Design & Web Design and have been using them for myself and others since 2014.

That’s why, aside creating contents that will inspire and guide toward peak performance in life and work, I now design websites for writers, public figures and organizations provide graphic design solutions and publish books for writers and speakers.

I live every day to give expression to all the abilities God has deposited in me in creating value for individuals and organizations and I will love to work with you.

Whenever you want us to work together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.