Handling Relationship Break Up

Handling Relationship Break Up

 Break-Up without Breaking Down

At least one new relationship is started every day in the world. However, as new relationships get started; old ones crumble.


The termination of a relationship depends on who among the parties involved that decides that it’s no longer worth its existence and have the courage to call it quits.


When a guy terminates a relationship, he can get into another one in less than an hour by walking up to another gal and convincing her to be his. However, that’s not same with ladies, at least in Nigeria.  The best she can do when she sees a man she likes is to send signals which she must be careful not to overdo, lest she appears desperate.


Aside the difficulty of getting into another relationship, the agony of being heartbroken by a guy she loves with all her heart can be traumatizing. Many ladies have failed exams, performed poorly at job interviews and weakened their performance at work because of relationship break up.


This doesn’t mean that guys don’t also get badly hit by relationship break up. If a guy is truly in love with a lady, he can be equally affected  by the break as much as the lady.


In this mini book, Handling Relationship Break Up, my goal is to share with you practical wisdom that can enable you handle your relationship break up.


It comes with audio teachings on the each of the chapters to ensure that even if your are constrained by time, you will still the lessons and assimilate the lessons shared in the book. We encourage you to read the book as well as listen to the audio since some illustrations and examples which could not be contained in the book will be found in the audio.


We want to put an end or limit the number of people, especially ladies that break down because their relationships broke down. So, feel free to xender your copy of the book and audio  this with someone or at least share the link for someone to download it.

You can download them for free below:

The Book : Handling Relationship Break Up

The Audio Series

  1. Break Up Without Breaking Down
  2. Facing the Reality of Your Break Up
  3. Did You Dump Yourself?
  4. Dump The Dumper to Move On
  5. Reaching Out for The Love Ahead of You
  6. When Your Dumper Wants You Back


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