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Painfully, many ladies have walked into pains, regrets and bitterness as a result of wrong choice of husband. However, you know that nobody makes wrong choices deliberately. The quality of your choices in life depends on the quality and quantity of information at your disposal. Wrong choices often results from wrong or limited information.


While I may not be able to reverse the wrong decision of many other ladies that are married, I know that I can help you make the right choice now that you are yet to walk down the aisle.


That’s why in this book, Choose Your Husband, I shared with you practical wisdom that will help you make the right choice of a husband. It is divided into easy to read chapters, written in live-talk style with relevant illustrations and examples to make your reading and understanding easy.


Choose Your Husband is not just a book that will help you make the right choice of a husband, it’s a compendium of insight that will save you from the pains of marrying the wrong man.




After presenting the December 6th edition of #MomentofBlessing, focused on ending the year for best new year, on Radio Nigeria Voice 96.7FM, with my co-pilot, Loveth Eke, I felt strongly to package the though I shared in book format to share with those who couldn’t listen.


Packaging the book allowed me the space to give more details on what we discussed within the time allotted for the programme. Finally the mini book is ready!


To help you have end your year successfully and have best New Year ahead, I officially present to you this book, Seven Keys to a Successful Year End”. It is a free gift designed to help you avoid the mistakes you made in the passing year and lunch you into a great future.


To download it free, click on this link:HERE


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