Choose Your Husband

There is hardly any lady that doesn’t want to get married. In fact, marriage is one of the high points in a lady’s life. A BrojidSister* of mine called me and told me that someone wants to marry her and wanted my opinion and advice. I wanted to advise her on phone but when I realized that I have many things I needed to teach her which I would love her to read over and again, I decided to write to her.



I have seen many ladies who are bitter about their marriage and seen how others walked into pains in the name of marriage. Since I can’t choose  a husband for her, I outlined the blunders that led people to the wrong choice and how to make the right choice.  I gave her my best and sincere thoughts on marriage proposals and the reality of being married for her to read to and learn how to make a choice of proposal and avoid after-engagement regrets.



After sharing my thoughts on the matter of marriage with her, it occurred to me that another BrojidSister may need what I have shared with one person. That’s why I contacted Brojid World Editorial Team on transforming the material into a book for ladies around the world.



You see, the choice of a life partner is a critical decision that one must take seriously. For people like me and I believe the majority of people too, marriage is an irreversible event till death.  That’s the more reason why you need to be careful to ensure you make the right choice.



Painfully, many ladies have walked into pains, regrets and bitterness as a result of wrong choice of husband. However, you know that nobody makes wrong choices deliberately. The quality of your choices in life depends on the quality and quantity of information at your disposal. Wrong choices often results from wrong or limited information.


While I may not be able to reverse the wrong decision of many other ladies that are married, I know that I can help you make the right choice now that you are yet to walk down the aisle.


That’s why in this book, Choose Your Husband, I shared with you practical wisdom that will help you make the right choice of a husband. It is divided into easy to read chapters, written in live-talk style with relevant illustrations and examples to make your reading and understanding easy.



We packaged over 3HOURS audio programme based on all the chapters of the book to ensure that if you have constraints with reading, you will still learn the truths contained in the book by listening with your earphone or in your car wherever you go. It’s complimentary to the book! Once you place your order for Choose Your Husband

, you will get the audio pack FREE.


One of the ladies who reviewed the book said something about the book that struck me:


Most of the things you talked about are things I got to learn about late. It would have paid me better if I heard these like 4-5 years ago. All the same, nothing spoil… I think there is something there I must act on and fast… A lot of ladies need to hear this. It would do them a whole lot of good!”


Today, you have the privilege of learning what many women wish they learnt years ago, don’t miss your opportunity to get it right now.


Choose Your Husband is not just a book that will help you make the right choice of a husband, it’s a compendium of insight that will save you from the pains of marrying the wrong man.


You can exempt yourself from the pains many women suffer in the hands of the wrong man by getting a copy of Choose Your Husband pack today!



Below is a link to the book, Choose Your Husband and the 20-part audio teachings on each of the topics. Kindly click on each of the titles to download them. We request that you share this link or your downloaded pack to at least 10 persons that may find the book useful at no cost to them.

 By so doing, you help us save thousands of single ladies across the world from the anguish of choosing the wrong man. 

THE BOOK: Choose Your Husband

The Audio Series

  1. When a Man Proposes Marriage
  2. Lest You Rush Your Answer
  3. Are you Ready for Marriage?
  4. Marriage is not an Achievement
  5. Your Time for Marriage
  6. His Proposal: a Favour?
  7. Husband is not Scarce!
  8. Marriage; not Financial Assistance
  9. When the Devil Wants a Wife
  10. Marrying Uneducated Man
  11. Marrying Among Your People
  12. Me, Choose a Husband for You?
  13. You Can’t Marry Any Man
  14. Acquiring Husband Material
  15. Why Many Reject Husband Material
  16. Who is this ProposerSef?
  17. Beware of these Guys
  18. Playing Hard to Get
  19. Your Sense; not Good Enough!
  20. Engaged? Congrats!

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