There is hardly any youth with the desire for a better future. However, many have desired a great future without coming close to it. To ensure you attain a great future irrespective of how small your yesterday or today, we serve you Youth Cruise every Monday. We publish contents that tackle issues affecting youths and inspire them to become all that they capable of.

The categories of posts we publish under Youth Cruise are as follows:

On The Mentor, we publish interviews or profiles on men and women, who have distinguished themselves, highlighting how they started, tackled their challenges and become high flyers in their life work.

Youth Mentor is another category where we publish contents to mentor, inspire and motivate and correct youths to become everything God created them to be.

On the WizYouth, we celebrate youths who have distinguished themselves with the view to announcing them to their world and inspiring other youths to be their best.


On BrojidTeens, we talk to teenager directly in the language they understand and on issues that affect them.


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