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Nigeria is currently in economic quagmire. Despite this, you and I can survive and prosper despite it if we learn how to. To learn how to prosper, follow me on this week’s edition of Heavenly Nigeria.

The Current economic situation in Nigeria is no longer news. Nobody can deny its impact in their personal and business lives. The weakling Naira against the Dollar, drop in price of petrol and certain economic policies has brought untold hardship to Nigerians.

Many have blamed it on past administrations for corruption, bad economic policies and failure to save for the rainy day. But some others believe that incompetence, poor economic policies and inexperienced cabinet in President Buhari’s administration has plunged us on in economic woes.

While I can’t say for sure who is to be blamed, I am certain that pointing accusing fingers on anybody won’t reduce the cost of petrol, reduce the price of goods and services that that have skyrocked.

This is not the first we are experiencing economic downturn; neither are we the only country in economic quagmire. Despite these challenges which have been in existence even in Bible times, people have prospered more than they did in the season of abundance. A case in point is Isaac who reaped hundred fold abundance when he sowed in a land of famine.

Pastor Udu Okiemute believe of Find Truths believes that there is good in every land, despite the decadence in and anyone who chooses to can eat the good if they pay attention to learn how.

In his word, “In every land there is good. The Bible said that if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. There was no specific town, state or country mentioned in the Bible. Just land! No matter where you are, if you can do what God want you to do, you can be a multimillionaire there.

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Dr Myles Munroe of the blessed memory lived in Bahamas. Bahamas is a very small place. In fact, Lagos is bigger than Bahamas but from Bahamas, he reached the whole world. From Bahamas, he was traveling the whole world until his death.

The idea beyond the Good of the Land is that God can make you succeed anywhere if you corporate with him. There is good in every land!”

It’s to that end that he has been hosting the programme, Good of The Land every 1St October where he, alongside other anointed and knowledgeable men of God teach Nigerians how to enjoy the good of the land. Good of the Land 2016

Good of The Land, 2016 with the theme, In Times like This is packaged to teach Nigerians how to act, talk, behave and prosper in the face of economic recession.

“We as Nigerian now are in difficult time and we can’t be putting on summer clothe in winter. In time like this in Nigeria, we want to teach people how to react, live, how to talk and things to do because after this season, another season will come and it’s what we do in this season that determines what we get in the next season.”

The trio of Pastor Bankie, Pastor Cosmas Okolo and Pastor Udu will take turns this Saturday, 1st October to teach the wisdom of God for prospering in time of recession.

It’s a Saturday hangout that is designed to empower you to prosper against odds. Also, at the event, you have the privilege of getting Pastor Udu’s Messages on his radio programme, Word Vs World in CD and books by Pastor Bankie and Pastor Cosmas.


The event holds at Gardena Guest House, 13 Igboeze Street, Opp Catholic Bishops Court, Independence Layout,  Enugu State  and starts at 11.oo AM prompt and ends at 3.00PM to enable you get back to your base same day before dusk.

Entry is absolutely free!

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