Work Your Goal to Reality!

We all have goals for our lives, career and relationship and we look forward to when they will materialize.


Having a goal means you have taken a very important step and that will, at least, give you something to focus on.


However, having a goal is not enough; you have to work it to reality!


Your goals are your desired end; you have to make input towards making it reality.


I believe in confessing the word of God, positive affirmation; but they are hardly sufficient on their own to make your goals reality.


You have to do all you can to make sure that the goal on your paper or in your head becomes your reality.


I understand, you may know this and so wonder why I am telling you again.


I am telling you because, many times we forget.


A proof of our forgetfulness is in our attitude to the pursuit of our goal – how much commitment we make towards our goal.


You see, when you are not putting required efforts to the pursuit of your goal, it’s a sign that you may have forgotten that you must work at your goal or forget their realization.


When you are not deliberate in developing a strategy and action plan for reaching your goal, it’s a sign of forgetfulness that goals are worked out with a blueprint of action.

The outcome of your goal is squarely dependent on you and you have to work on your plan and strategies until, your goal on paper becomes the reality in your life.

When you allow people, situation and events to share the required attention for achieving your goal, it’s a sign of your forgetfulness that dedication of required emotion and resources is key.


My message to you this morning is this:

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The outcome of your goal is squarely dependent on you and you have to work on your plan and strategies until, your goal on paper becomes the reality in your life.


PS: I’m dedicating this week to teaching on this matter of translating your goal to reality. In the process, I will show you how you waste time, energy and resources that would have been channelled towards translating your goal to reality.


You will also get the chance to ask me questions and learn from other people



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