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Have you come to the stage in your life where you have decided to obey God despite the evil and disobedience in our time? Have you tried and found it difficult to obey God? Do you want to make your ability to obey God easier? If your answer to these questions is yes, follow me as I show you something I found that can make your choice of obeying God easier and possibly faster.


Please open your Bible to Psalms 119:155. From the Bible in Basic English, I read, “Go far from me, you evil-doers; so that I may keep the teachings of my God.”

The truth of life is that people you surround yourself with and believe in their opinion directly or indirectly affect your actions including your ability to obey God.


Simply put, the wisdom of obeying God with ease is to keep away from yourself people who don’t want to obey God and surround yourself with those that want to obey Him and encourage you to do likewise.


Evil doers will make your desire to obey God difficult and the earlier you keep them away or far from where they can influence your life the easier you will find it obey God.


One of the ways evil doers make your choice of obeying God difficult is by directly telling you to disobey God. Usually, if they know your stand for God, they will paint their ungodly suggestion for you to do evil as good advice that will help you. They try to reason out how it makes sense to follow what they are saying. In fact, to a natural man who doesn’t want to obey God, such suggestions would make sense.


Let me explain this point with an example.


Let’s assume that you are in a situation of getting a job  which you are qualified for and there is the demand for you to either tell a lie or simply sleep with a man to get the job. If your friend is a sinner, he will advise you to either tell or sleep with the man. He will make it look like it’s not sin by explaining that others are doing it and perhaps pointing out one member of your church that does it. He will even go as far as telling you that you are qualified for the job. This sounds good, but the truth is that it’s ungodly. If you are under pressure to get the job and desire to obey God, this kind of friend will justify the option that is disagreement with the Word of God and thereby make it difficult for you to obey God in this condition.



However, if you have a non sinner as your friend, he will point out to you that people don’t get jobs just because they want it and wherever they want it. He will let you know that the job you do and where you do it is God’s business. He decides the place and time and where he decides, he will ensure you get there despite opposition. He will draw your attention to the fact that your faith is being tried and encourage you to stand firm for God.


The danger of having friends that don’t fear God or are not interested in obeying God is that they will always exert influence on you to disobey God through Satan inspired rationalization of sins that makes it appear sinless.


Another way, sinners make your choice of obeying God difficult is that they by the result they get in their sinful life try to influence you to follow them.


Let me tell you something about the sinners’ way and the result they get. Sinners get results from their way and that’s why it’s generally attractive for many people to follow their path. The only problem is that the result of their sin will turn sour sooner than they expect.


If you keep them far from you, they won’t sit down daily and be drumming into your ears their results or comparing you with he has gotten. That way, they mount pressure on you to disobey God.


To keep them away may not to reject them or avoid them. It entails conditioning your mind and spirit such that they can’t easily influence you. As an example, if you have relations or colleague that always give you ungodly suggestion, you don’t have to reject the person. What you do is simply to condition your mind to scrutinise their advice and suggestion that seems harmless. If you can, avoid their friendship, that  is the very safe. If fact, once you stand your ground for a number of times, your friendship them will die a natural death. Also, be careful the books and newspaper columns you take advice from; an evil-minded columnist or author will share evil-minded advice with you.



What have I said today? Your desire to obey God is possible and you can make it easier by disconnecting with people who it difficult for you to obey it. Reduce the difficulty is obeying God by disconnecting with sinners who try to advise you against obeying the word of God and make your desire to obey God easier by connecting people who will encourage you to obey God.


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