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Many times when people tell you that you can’t do something, what they actually mean is that they can’t do it but because they have the privilege of talking to you, they sell the “can’t do it” idea to you.


Nobody can really tell all you can do but God or the person He gives insight into your potentials. Please, know that what they say you can’t do may be what God has created you to do. So be careful not to abort the child God has impregnated you with at creation.


It’s also possible that they have low estimation of the abilities God has loaded you with so they say, “Who are you to do this when so so and so could not?”


It’s God that built abilities in you, not your parents, career coach or academic adviser. Though they may mean well, be carefull not to take counsel based on their ignorance or limited knowledge of the potentials in you.


By the way, sometimes we also limit the manifestation of what God has built into us because we look down on ourselves. “Nobody has ever done this. Who am I to achieve this?There are many powerful cabal, how can I make any change in their presence?” You ask yourself as if God is limited by your limitations.


But this is not right!


You know why?


When God lays it in your heart or like we say in church, calls you to do anything, He also put mechanism in motion to turn your abilities, willingness, faith and skill into the result you are supposed to produce.


My point? When anybody tells you that you can’t do something, don’t believe it; but don’t despise their verdict. Check if they are speaking God’s mind. (Because you can’t do everything; God created you to do some very powerful things but not EVERYTHING.)



If it’s the voice of their negative experiences, faithlessness or ignorance of incredible capacities God installed in you, ignore them and face your Goliath with your five stones and your shakable faith in God!


May God strengthen you to take steps to birth EVERYTHING he has loaded in you.


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