Just like me, you must have heard people tell you that someone is doing well. I have found that many people described as doing well are actually doing badly. Painfully, many people think they are doing well without knowing that they are laying foundation for bad tomorrow. That’s why this week on Youth Mentor, I want to share with what it really means to do well.

Many times in the course of my discussion with people, I have heard them tell me about someone who is doing well. Usually, they are people in the cities who I don’t really know what they do for a living but they send money home or display wealth when they come home in festive seasons.

Sometimes, when I seek to know what these people do to be adjudged, ‘doing well’, I find that they are involved in one dubious business or the other, although, usually with one legal business or employment.

That’s they make legit money but still have other illegitimate source of income – where the bulk of their wealth comes from. In fact, in many instances, the legit employment or job is simply a cover up for their illegal dealings.

That’s why on I am posing this question to you today: Who is really doing well? My answer to this question is the thrust of Youth Mentor this week.

With respect to the focus of our discussion, the person doing well in life is not just the person with results but one who observed moral codes of life or Law of God for living in getting result. He is the person who recognises that God is the creator of the universe and has set laws on how life should be lived and moves beyond that recognition to applying it in getting any result he desires in life.

If you get promotion at work or get a higher paying job,  it doesn’t necessarily qualify to be crowned, ‘Well Doer’. The process of getting to the promotion or the job is what qualifies you.

If you worked hard and refined your skills and qualified for the job or new position before getting them, you are said to be doing well. However, if you lied against someone to deny him the opportunity of getting the promotion or job, bribed people in authority and or even told   a small lie, to get there, you are not doing well.

You know why?

You see, in life, it’s not about the result you get; it’s about what happens after the result. You can get a result  that will make you feel on top of the world but will ruin your life or come with sorrows and pains in the future. God structured life to be a seed-fruit affair. That’s your every action, and possibly inaction, is a seed that will grow in the sand of time to give a fruits.

Whenever you break the Law of God which some call Law of Nature to get a result, you have sown a seed of sorrow of some sort. It’s sure to come back to you multiplied the same way a maize seed planted comes back to the farmer multiplied. So, what you actually call doing well because of the immediate result is not doing well but the seed for failure, future pains and regrets.

My dear, when you cheat in exam, sleep with lecturers and pay for sorting to get an A, you are not really doing well. You are doing badly because, you have followed a path that seems to First Class but the end is lack of true self-confidence and incompetence that is almost irreparable! The most visible pain is that fact that you can’t defend your grade and you have, by your dubious action, killed the God-given self-confidence in you to excel in what you do. You have lost all the mental, psychological and spiritual development you would have gotten if you followed the proper procedure.

My sister, when you resort to prostitution* – full time or part-time – to make ends meet or get enough money to take care of your siblings and pay your way through school, you may get the immediate result you desire but have also sown seed you won’t like the fruit when it matures. In case, you don’t know, please know that you have the capacity to put your hand to work and get money if you step out to do what is right and look up to God for His blessing on the works of your hands.

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See, prostitution for survival is a way of saying you are a nonentity who can’t amount to anything by working hard and utilising the talents and gifts God has given to you. It’s not survival strategy; it’s a defeatist attitude.

My brother, you don’t have to cheat anybody, push drug, start yahoo yahoo (internet fraud) to make it and join the club of the ‘doing wells’. You may get result but the end of your result will be pains and sorrows. I am not condemning you; I am telling you the frank truth! Please don’t make money that will fetch you prostate cancer at 32. Don’t try to hammer and acquire stupidly for your children, such that even the wealth you made is a waste to them.

Please, don’t be deceived by the number of thieves, drug pushers, yahoo boys, corrupt politicians, sortable lecturers and robbers in cassock and collar. They are not doing well! If you look around and follow media report you can see that some of them are already reaping the fruit of their evil ways.

I have seen people who have resolved to obey the Law of God in their jobs and businesses and God is blessing their efforts. They are not afraid of EFCC. They have happy family life. Their children are not vagabonds. It may have taken time but they are blessed of God. I would rather wait for the blessing of God that get quick result that will bring me shame, disgrace and pains!

Remember that I months ago, I told you Sharp Guys Sink. They haven’t stopped sinking and if you join them because you want to join the ‘Well Doer’, your sinking is as sure as the sun rise from the east!

I want to do well in my career and my businesses but if the way of doing well, is breaking the Law of God, I sign up to a Never Do Well Club! That’s my resolve and I implore you to make same resolve today. It’s not about today’s result; but the future! Yes, the future of our health, wives, children, career and businesses!

*Prostitution is not just about hiring a room or getting accommodation in a hotel to offer sex for money. If you stay in your house but search for or make yourself available for sex so that you make money as a result, you are also a prostitute; maybe on part-time basis.

To learn more on this, kindly download our 5Mins podcast, BrojidCast on this subject, Are You Really Doing Well(3.35MB).

Have a fulfilling week ahead!

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