Many times people have made resolutions and fail to keep them; as a result, they get discouraged about making any again. Some just don’t think it’s important to make resolution. But I have come to know that there are invaluable benefits of keeping resolution. Those benefits are so beneficial to life and achievement that you should make effort to enjoy them. In this article, I will share you three of such benefits. So, join me as I expound them.

Please let me define resolution as I’ll use it in this article. Resolution refers to a decision to do or not do something. It is usually made by people when they think they need to make changes in their lifestyle either for their progress in life or in a bid to impress someone. Many times people make resolution at the beginning of the year or season while others make at any time.


One of the benefits of making resolution is that it is s step to new lifestyle. In life either as a student or a business person, our achievement is largely a product of our lifestyle. That is, what we achieve in our work place or academic is largely a result of our lifestyle. As an example, a business person who has the lifestyle of going about his business late will reap failure abundantly. Also, a student who has the habit of partying at the expense of his study will have academic problem. In the same vain a business person who has the lifestyle of continual learning to know better ways of doing his business for increased productivity has a great chance of better success.

Now, when in any area your life, you realize that there is something about your lifestyle that is limiting you from making progress in any area of your life, you should resolve to make changes in them. When your resolution is a strong one, it’s an important step to new lifestyle. The new lifestyle will translate to better result in school, increased productivity at work and more rewarding life.


There is hardly anyone in life that is not aspiring for great future and working towards it. However, we have seen that the path to greatness in any area of life is riddled with difficulties of all kind. A young entrepreneur in our clime is faced with diverse kinds of difficulties ranging from the poor infrastructure to local government touts. A student may be faced with difficulty of the weak structures and systems in our schools while a youth way have financial difficulty. In the midst of life difficulties, a lot of people give up in pursuit of their vision, thinking that they don’t have any chance of success. But if you have resolved to pursue your vision in life till fruition, it will remain a strong pull for you in the mist if difficulties.

Don’t ever forget that the resolution I am talking about here is not the one made by mere writing of list just because it’s the beginning of a New Year but the one made based on conviction and backed with practical action.


You see, the result we get in life in the present is a result of the seed we sowed in the past. That is why a youth, you can easily predict your future – just sow the seed for the kind of future you want and in the fullness of time, it will manifest. The seed we sow is our actions.

Now, there are times we are under pressure to compromise our values, ideologies that will bring us enduring success or just displease God for quick gains. In fact, as a Christian in our present world, with kinds of corruption and evil reigning in every fabric of it, pressure to compromise your standard is everywhere. A resolution to obey God is a major force that will keep you obeying God. Daniel and his colleague, in Babylon, where under pressure to defile themselves and bow to another god that is not God Almighty. Yet they did not give in to the pressure. You know their secret?  “But Daniel made up his mind (resolved) not to defile himself by the food given them by the king” (Dan.1 :8).

My brother, there is pressure everywhere but it’s your duty to resolve on what to do and not do. In your Oga’s business, pressure to tell just small lie, exaggerate or even cheat to make money for him or yourself is there but they will lead you to regret in the long run. [Please not that in life, there are two major ways, unfortunately, many take the way of destruction without knowing] That is why it’s important that you resolve today on what to do and not do. My sister, lack of money should not drive you into part time prostitution. You need to make resolution today not to disobey God because of lack. When Ruth lacked food, she went about looking for where to work to earn (Ruth 2:1).

What have I said so far?  There are times you and I need to make changes in our lifestyle for better life; resolution is a key step. Life difficulties try to stop us from actualization of our visions or purposes on earth; but strong resolution will pull us forward. Also, we are usually under pressure by our environment and nature to compromise our standard; strong resolution will keep us standing. May God help you in making and keeping your resolutions Jesus name.

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