Many of us either due to societal influence or simply a refusal to stick with sound moral principle have taken to cutting corners and use of dubious practices as a way of life. But before you join them or continue on the path of life, let me tell you some truths that will help you avoid regrets in the future.


Sharp guys are not necessarily smart. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are. They are simply people who have chosen not to do the right thing in their quest to achieving their goal. They may have a noble goal or vision they are pursing but instead of following due process and sticking with sound principles, they choose to break laws and offend their neighbor so as to make progress.

With cutting corners and cheating your neighbor, you can achieve your goal. You will, for instance, acquire the wealth you have always desired. You will make more sales. You will get higher grade. You will get promotions. You will get an appointment. You may get famous and get name. You have succeeded in building something big and can now show it off. But what you may not realize is that you have built something that will come crashing. A former Nigerian governor is currently serving jail term in a foreign land. He thought he was sharp; but he has come crashing with shame and disgrace.


The temptation to take to short cut will come when you are under pressure. It will come when you have a need to achieve something but seem constrained to achieve a result. Don’t fall for the temptation. You may seem stagnated but you are not. Someone may even call you unserious; don’t mind them. Stand for what is right to do. Remember that there are ways that seems right but leads to death. Don’t fall for the temptation to follow that way. Bishop Oyedepo is quoted to have asked, “What is the use of speed when you are on the wrong direction?”

Look away from the pressure for immediate result; take a look at the future. Will you be proud of the step you are about to take today under pressure. My sister, stop looking at the money or promotion he will give you if your just sleep with him. Consider the spiritual traction that you are going into by the intercourse. Consider your dignity as a woman. I mean you are a woman not a prostitute. My guy, stop defrauding your business partners and customers. Stop that your yahoo yahoo business. You are digging grave without knowing. It’s not about being caught by any man. I know you are pro in fraud that can’t be caught but can you escape from God’s punishment. You can’t!

By the way, let me remind you that God has a grand plan for your life; and it’s a good plan. But Satan also has a grand plan for your life; except that his plan is to rob you of God’s plan for you ruin your life. He offers you what God wants to give you if you ‘walk before me and be perfect’ like He told Abraham.


Don’t be in a haste to make it in life. Come out from the competition with anybody. You have your own life to live; they have theirs to live. Free yourself from the pressure to get result faster than you should. In due season, God will come down to you with his blessing. There is a life principle known as due season. Wait for it. It will come at the time you will get success without sorrow.

You have avoided sharp practices and stuck with the right thing but get yabbed by others who don’t. Don’t even worry yourself about them. It’s their opinion. Believe me, they will hire you when they want someone do the right thing for them. Many of them are intimidated by your right living that they want you to join them so that your life don’t continue to tell them that they are character deficient.


In fact, events of life may have made it appear as if it’s not profitable to stick with the right thing. That is, sharp youths may seem to be making progress when you are not. Relax. God is in charge; He will come down with your reward in due season. I agree with Saint Paul who advised, “So let us not become tired of doing good; for if we do not give up, the time will come when we will reap the harvest.” sinking woman

For a while, Joseph must have appeared as though he is not making progress but when God came down with the reward for his doing the right thing, he blessed him and elevated him. This tells me that no matter how long you may seem stagnated by doing the right thing, when God comes down with your reward, He will promote you beyond the point sharp practices of evil allegiance can take you.


If he has slept with Mrs Portifer, she couldn’t have made him a king. See, if someone in authority request that you do sharp practice to get his favour, don’t listen to him. He may punish you but your life is in God’s hand; not his. Don’t try to please anybody who wants you to do dubious job for them.

Let me remind you: it’s the dubious practices of many of the elements that have occupied leadership positions in our nation that has stagnated our progress . You and I can’t join them! We can’t! Unless we don’t like the children we are going to bring into the earth. Say not sharp practices in any form it comes. You won’t die of hunger. You will get far more they get with sharp practice.


Am not saying that it’s easy to stick with the right thing all the time; but God can help us. That’s why on your behalf I pray: Almighty God, we rededicate ourselves to you to live the right way; to live in manner pleasing to you. Forgive our sharp practices and dubious ways. We want to follow the right way. May you give us the grace, strength and friends that will help us do the right thing. We ask for all these because Jesus Christ has paid that we may get them. Amen.

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