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If you are among those that make resolutions and are unable to keep them for a long time, let me share with you secrets of keeping your resolution. Please if are among those that don’t believe in making resolution please you are missing INVALUABLE BENEFITS OF RESOLUTION. There are four secrets I have found that can help you keep resolution when you make it. Let’s go…


The topmost on the list is making your resolution strong. Don’t make resolution just because a New Year or month is beginning but because you are persuaded in your heart that there is a need to resolve to take to a new way of lifestyle.  Strong resolutions are resolutions made based on conviction, backed with a strong desire to enjoy the fruit of keeping the resolution. You make your resolution very strong when you connect with a supreme power – the power of God. (Please for details on how to make strong resolution, read my article, How To Make Strong Resolution.



When you make resolution, connecting with a pull involves linking up with people who will keep encouraging you or ‘dragging’ you forward in the direction of keeping your resolution even when you don’t feel like. This is how it happens: just tell them that you have resolved to change this thing about your lifestyle and request that they do anything they can do to make you keep to your new lifestyle. As an example, if you decide to start studying your Bible on daily basis without fail, you can contact with your friend with whom you study with and discuss your daily studies. Also, if you decide to check your weight, your wife could be a strong pull by determining what you eat and how much you eat. The bottom line is that a pull is someone who is influencing you in the positive direction to keep your resolution. Locate such people and tell them how they can help you. If they are your mentors, tell them to decide their pull-strategy or suggest one for them when they don’t have any.



Keeping your new resolution might require making and keeping new breed of associates. Many times, your associate is a mirror of who you are. This implies that you close associates either have the lifestyle you want to change by your resolution or are comfortable with it. Truth is that people you hang out with influence your life even though their influence is usually subtle.


That is why I suggest that you keep yourself from those associates that can pull your back to the lifestyle you have resolved to stop and associate with those that will pull you forward to keep your resolution. My friend listen: you can’t resolve to keep yourself from pre-marital sex; yet keep hanging around your sex partners or decide to stop cheating on your spouse, yet keep friends with unrepentant marital cheat. It’s like resolving never to get wet on your body again yet always stay around the beach. If you must keep your resolution, you must re-associate!

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The kind of life people live is generally a result of their nature not even their environment. As an example, a pig instinctively goes back to dirt even after being bathed.  That is even it makes a resolution to remain clean this year, it will be impossible for him because that is how it was wired inside. This situation applies to humans as well. We are humans having essentially the similar body composition but have diverse kinds of internal make up. If you make a resolution to stop doing something which you are nature wants you to do, the principles I have shared with you so far on keeping resolution will not even help you.

Our nature is usually referred to as spirit or mindset. But the basic thing about it is that it’s the operating system of the human being. It is from that nature that we react to life under pressure, active impromptu and decide what we do and don’t do. It’s from it that diverse kinds of lifestyle emanates from us.

Your nature can be evil producing or good producing. The rate of the manifestation what it can produce depends on your environment and level of understanding per time. A youth who has evil nature starts stealing his parent’s money, fingering little children and collaborating with people to do all kinds of evil. As he grows, it matures into stealing in his office, marital infinity or even rape and coordinator of robbery attack. This one can’t just help himself out. He belongs to those who make resolution at the beginning of the year and break it almost immediately. You why? They have operating system and software that naturally produce the evil they do.

The operating system that allows sin to run in your life normally is the sinful nature. Softwares installed on it are things like Love Of Money and Selfishness. Love of money makes you generate stealing, cheating, lies etc. Selfishness generates sins like murder, selling bad product to customers that trust you, sleeping with girls while working to ensure nobody sleeps with your daughter.

Listen, if you want to keep your resolutions to stop living in sin you need to format your system today, install a new operating system and start installing new software. Let me explain how it works you get a new operating system by rejecting Satan and embracing God through Jesus Christ. Accept that Jesus Christ is a sacrifice for your salvation and make a commitment to work with God and follow his ways from today. What happens when you do this is that your operating system (that’s your spirit is changed to a new one). This way, godly software’s can run on this new operating system. Those things you hear preacher preach and you don’t believe can be done will become easy for you to obey now. It takes time but you can shorten the time by listening to the work of God constantly and reading Christian books.

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Please let me point out something. One of my friends on Facebook believes that it’s God that programmed man to sin. But that is not true. The sinful nature is not the way God programmed us to live life. It’s a result of man’s disobedience and choices. Sin Operating System is the default operating system in man because of Adam’s fall, however, it needs to be formatted and New Life in Christ Operating system be installed. At that point, Holy Spirit through the books you read, messages you listen to and daily experiences begins a new programming of your system to love God and find it easier to obey Him.

The point is that you can’t resolve to stop committing sin when it’s in your nature to do. First work on changing your nature and other secrets for keeping your resolution I had shared earlier will be useful to you.

A recap of what I have said today: the secrets of keeping your resolutions includes making it strong, re-associating, connecting to a pull and ensuring your nature is unity with your resolution. Have a great day!

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