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Has someone predicted you won’t succeed in life, your pursuit or put a limit to how great you can become? On BrojidStepUp today, I like to show you how to rise about such predictions of failure.

First, I like you to know that anybody has the right to predict that you will fail in life or in the endeavour you are pursuing. It’s totally your responsibility to make them right or liars. As for their mouth, it’s theirs to use as they choose!

Dare to confound the predictions of Failure Prophets by succeeding. Put in your best at what you do. Be consistent at it and don’t let their voice drown your drive to succeed.

Many Failure Prophets predict failure for you not because they hate you but because they are limited in their knowledge of the abilities God has deposited in you and God’s grand plan for your life. That’s one reason you should not be angry with them but ignore them and face  your life.

Live your life to the fullest, follow God fully until everything God has deposited in your life becomes undeniably clear to their chagrin.

Usually, when they make their predictions, some of them give you reasons to persuade you to see things from their perspective. Please take each of the reasons and study them one after the other and be sure you know how to fix each of them before you continue.

When King Saul told the little David that he can’t take on a giant like Goliath, he didn’t insist that he can. He reeled out facts to prove that Goliath is not a big deal.

If for instance they say, you will be poor if you study a particular course be sure you know that poverty is not in a man’s course but the curse on his life before you jettison their predictions. If they say your marriage will crash because it’s inter-tribal, be sure you know how to make inter tribal marriage work. If they said you can’t succeed in your business without deploying Nigerian’s corrupt practices, be sure you know how to succeed despite such predictions.


Just be certain that they are lying in their prediction; then ignore them!

If they give you the chance, explain your stand to them. If they don’t, talk to yourself. Just be sure you are taking the right step.

Your life is yours not anybody’s including your father! Don’t allow anybody’s myopic view about life limit you from becoming all that you are capable of becoming. Choose to succeed against the predictions of failure prophets!

I like you to bear in mind that when you choose to move against the predictions of Failure Prophets, you will encounter challenges. It’s not a proof that you are on the wrong path. It’s a proof that you are making progress!

Don’t get discouraged by the challenges. It’s normal! Everybody experiences challenges. Even Jesus Christ had challenges in his time – to have a thief as treasurer is a challenge! Challenges are not customized to you!

When Ali Baba refused to study Law, which is believed to be to be the career that will make him successful, Failure Prophets around him predicted failure for him. In fact his father disowned him. Hear him: “As soon as my dad realized that I was hell bent on pursuing comedy, he disowned me. In fact, he stopped sponsoring my education!”

Guess what? Ali Baba weathered through that storm to become Nigeria’s king of comedy and has made impact, name and billions doing what he knows best despite the predictions of Failure Prophets.


Many people predicted failure for Nigerian Veteran Disc Jocky, DJ Jimmy Jatt when he started his career as a DJ. But he stayed at what he does best until he became a brand. He has become a mentor to many DJ and has made his money.

Don’t give up at your goals and pursuit of purpose in life. Many of  your Failure Prophets wants to see you fail so that will say, “I told you it won’t work.” Work hard at what you do. Do your best so that they will come back and lie, “I have always known you will succeed.”


I like to leave you this morning with this reminder. Your life is yours not anybody’s including your father! Don’t allow anybody’s myopic view about life limit you from becoming all that you are capable of becoming. Choose to succeed against the predictions of failure prophets!

May God help you in this uphill task in Jesus name!

Editor’s Note: Your questions, comments, corrections and commendations are welcome. Kindly, scroll down to see the comment box and drop yours. We will love to hear from you.

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