Persist Until Your Harvest Comes

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Everything we want to have in life is a fruit of a seed planted in the soil of time and nurtured into maturity.  Therefore the starting point of having what we desire in life is sowing the right seed for it. However, many times in life, we know what to do, start doing them but don’t get the expected result within a time frame we have set in our mind. On BrojidStepUp today, I want to share with you what to do when the harvest you expected seems too far to come.

At this point, many people fall for the temptation to give up on the right path they have known or on their right course of action in pursuit of a goal. But that’s a temptation you should be careful not to fall into. You know why? When you give up in your pursuit because you have not seen the result you want, you waste all the efforts you have invested.

Once you have found the right path to follow in life or any venture; yet you are not getting the result you have anticipated, it’s a sign that your time of harvest has not come; it doesn’t not mean that the harvest will not come.

Be careful not to compare yourself with others as if you are planting the same seeds. Every seed has its maturation time. It differs from seed to seed; you have to wait for your time; otherwise you abort the maturation of the seeds you have sown. Yours may be taking time; because you are waiting for the harvest of big tubers of yam or grain of maize. If you can wait for it; you will see that the wait is worth it!


What you need to do at this point is to persist on the actions and steps until your seed of actions matures and bears the fruit of your anticipated result. Patiently wait for your harvest by persisting in doing the right things that lead to the result you want. Like a farmer, continue watering the seeds of your actions, efforts and investments until, the harvest you expect in your career or work becomes a reality.

No doubt, discouragement may set in; but you need to fight it with all you have got. Fight discouragements with the guarantee of getting to a bountiful harvest in due season as long as you persist on the right path.

The lady described as Nigerian Queen of Blogging, Linda Ikeji of LindaIkejiBlog and LindaIkejiSocial is an epitome of the fruit of persistence. She persisted on her path of blogging until it paid off. It has paid off materially.  Despite the discouragement of lack of material result from her four years blogging, she persevered at it until, the table turned.

Hear her: “(On) September 19th, 2010, my 30th birthday, I was angry and broke because having done modelling and business for a long time, I was still struggling. I was depressed and even when I get tired of crying, I will open my laptop and still blog, I didn’t know that was where God was leading me to and after my 30th birthday, my life practically changed.”

She persevered in her daily routine until her time of harvest came. You and I can attest to her bountiful harvest!

My point?

Life is designed to function on seed and fruit principle.  Sometimes the harvest seems to take longer time; however, no matter how long it takes to reap the fruit of your harvest, don’t give up. Continue in what I call your daily routine of success until your harvest time comes.

For more insight on this subject , kindly download a 10-minute podcast on this topic HERE.

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