Perpetually Forgive the Perpetual Offender

On the last episode of BrojidStepUp, I explained that you should help a perpetual offender and not punish him and she deserves. One other way that you can help the perpetual offender is to perpetually forgive him. You and I are to forgive people with no limits. Perpetual forgiveness to a perpetual offender may not be easy because we are humans and the hurt of the offence may be very deep. However, our Lord Jesus Christ teaches that that’s what we should do and in Christ there is power available to us to do the will of God even when it seems hard.


I understand that the perpetual offender may not deserve the forgiveness you are giving him; but you need to give it to him as a way of waiting for him to change and have better relationship with you. I believe people can change and sometimes what they need to change are simple things like love, care, teaching and prayer. I am not saying it’s easy to do but I enjoin you to do it for that one. You need to forgive him so that your love for him doesn’t wane. You need to forgive him to sustain the burden to pray effectual and heartfelt prayer for him. You need to forgive him to teach him with diligence and care.


Generally, forgiveness is hard and it’s even harder when the offender repeats the offence or is unapologetic. However, we can still forgive totally and perpetually because God empowers us to do so. In fact, we even make it even easier to forgive others by casting our mind on the reality that we equally offend God and other humans perpetually; yet He shows mercy on us and our fellow men don’t crucify us.


There are a number of things you can do to help you forgive the perpetual offender. It has helped me in great measure. Realize that the offender may not be deliberate. Remind yourself that you are not infallible and therefore needs forgiveness from God and fellow humans. Explain to yourself that forgiveness sets your mind free while grudges put you in bondage. Clarify to yourself that revenge won’t undo the offence; but forgiveness heals the hurts.



Please realise that the perpetual offender is helplessly under an influence and that’s why he can’t help but offend you. It’s not necessarily because he wants to offend you but because his background (which he has no control over) and his exposures (which he may not be aware of) may have made him the way he is. One of the greatest things you can give him is unreserved forgiveness.

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