Has there been a time, you wanted to make payment but could not because your parents don’t have the money? Have you ever desired to pay for or buy something important for your future but could not because your parents don’t have money? Have your parents told you with you what they would want to do for you but can’t because there was no money? Does it make you feel you are limited in the height you can reach in life? If your answer is yes, I want to show you how it can’t and the recipe for walking out of that kind of condition. My friend, I have been in that condition before! Today, I shall share with you how poverty doesn’t mean you are limited in getting to the place God has destined you to be and how to survive until you break away from poverty and become all that you are destined to be.

The complaint: “My Parents Are Poor” is common on the lips of youths from averages or less than average financial background especially when they are confronted with a situation that requires their finance. They say that as an excuse for why they can’t get what they would have loved to or embark on reasonable and productive ventures that they would love to. But does a man’s poor background condition really affect his future? Yes and No! Yes if you allow it. No, if don’t allow it and discover the way of overcoming limitation of poor background.

I like to acknowledge the fact that I understand what it means to come from a poor home and have had a taste of it. I understand that it’s quite painful seeing something good you would like to have but can’t because your parents can’t afford it and you cannot, on your own, pay for it. I understand how it feels that you want to pay for knowledge and enroll in a training that will enable make a very high leap in your career but can’t because your parents can’t afford it without subjecting your other siblings to intense hunger and excruciating pain. I also have knowledge of how it feels to starve and go through several discomfort and pains so as to save money from the little money you are given so as to pay for one or two things that will help you move forward in life. Maybe, you wear a particular dress every time, not because you like the clothes so much but because that’s your ‘home and abroad’

Unstoppable By Poor Parents

Despite this, I still make bold to say you are not disadvantaged because your parents are poor? In fact your condition may be the best you should be to become all that you are created to be in grand style.

How do I know? A man, God has created you for great places and is starting out in small place, will still get to the great place despite his today’s smallness. See, God created David and asked Samuel to anoint him (which he did) to be king of Israel even when he was still in the bush taking care of his father’s sheep. He was busy at a task far below his kingly place. He was anointed yet he can’t and may not have fathomed how he’s going to become that great man God has created him and anointed him to be. He was destined and anointed for the throne but was far from the throne. He has been anointed to be King to humans but was in the bush displaying kingship to animals. Even those without the anointing to become king were closer to the throne (generals) then the main man – David but that couldn’t stop him when God decided he has to be enthroned. In His infinite wisdom and by His strategy He brought David to his destined throne. That’s one of the reasons, I don’t believe at all that when God has destined you to for a place in life, anything can ever stop you.


What’s the point I am making here? Your parents being poor and the poverty being manifested in your life does is not at all a limitation to where God is taking you provided you continue in your walk with God doing the assignment you are given today diligently and learning relevant lessons He will bring across to you.


Great Despite Poor Backgrounds

Even in our world today, many great people making our world better came from a poverty stricken background. They did not give up on themselves. They believed they can still make it. They kept tying and taking relevant step per time until they get to the stage their poverty became story for the learning of younger generation. Cosmas Maduka, the CEO/MD of Choscharis is a good example. He was “settled” after His apprenticeship with just #200. He strated out his life on his own with it and today he is greatly rich. His uncle gave him #200 as a punishment for his new faith in Christ Jesus. He told his uncle that Pharaoh’s heart was hardened for the demonstration of the power of God. He added that God will demonstrate his power in his life with the #200. Today, he sits atop multimillion company, Coscharis Motors.


Sunny Obazu Ojegbase is another good example. He lost his mother early in life and had a father who could not send him to secondary school or carter for his siblings properly. Aware of his challenge, he took his destiny in his hand and tried a few things in his battle against poor parental background until he found publishing. He set out to embark in publishing with just #6500 which he got by selling his assets. God has made him so wealthy that he established Success Attitude Development Centre with his wife to show people how to make wealth. Listen: at some points in their lives, it was as if there is no way, counting on their financial resources or those of their parents. Just Walk with God; He will cause events around you to give you great abundance.


Do you fear God (Prov 8:13) and delight in obeying His Words? Here God’s verdict to you: You will become wealthy; light will shine in the darkness for you (Ps 112:3-4). Believe this like Abraham did even when he doesn’t have a child; God won’t fail you!


Stop looking at your dry environment – relations, government or connection. They may hold nothing useful for you but God still bring you to great abundance despite the dryness of your land. No matter how poor you are now God can still make you wealthy. You may not need to change location; when you have to God will help you know you should.



A severe famine now struck the land, as had happened before in Abraham’s time. So Isaac moved to Gerar, where Abimelech, king of the Philistines, lived. The Lord appeared to Isaac and said, “Do not go down to Egypt, [A place of abundance then] but do as I tell you.  Live here as a foreigner in this land, and I will be with you and bless you…  When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the Lord blessed him.  He became a very rich man, and his wealth continued to grow.  He acquired so many flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle, and servants that the Philistines became jealous of him.” (Gen 26:115 NLT).


My friend listen; if God has destined that you will build schools that will give world class education; yet highly  affordable  schools that will equip Nigeria or Africa to become productive and useful to God and humanity but you are barley managing to eat, God can still make you world class school builder. All you need to do is to walk with Him ensuring you don’t cut corners and doing your best in whatever task you are given. At the appointed time events will order themselves alright for your take over.


Do you desire to build great businesses to bless lives and make life more enjoyable yet all you can afford now is to eat and pay rent? Just walk with God; pray that he helps you recognize when he opens door for you (usually unattractive from the beginning). Gradually or suddenly, He will by Himself enthrone you.


Your parent’s poverty is not any disadvantage to you. It becomes a disadvantage when you believe it is. Don’t believe it is because; many men who have become great and outstanding were born by parents who barely survived. More importantly, God does not need your parents’ background to make you great. He needs your obedience and faith in Him.  All you need is to connect to Almighty God through His son Jesus Christ. Surrender your life to Him and request that He becomes Lord over your choices, decisions and step. Invite Him to live in you and you will be on the path out of lack to financial abundance.

Some Practical Wisdom

Now that you have come to know that your poor parental background does not have the capacity to keep you down in life, I like to share with you some practical truths that will help you as you walk with God towards your great destiny.


Live your Phase

While we know that we have the gene of greatness encoded in our spiritual DNA through Jesus Christ, we must live within the degree of the manifestation of the DNA. That’s why you should live at every point in time according to your means. Estimate the amount of financial resources you have access to now and plan your life accordingly not trying to achieve what you can’t at present. The little that your parents give you or you work to earn put it to productive use. Ensure you don’t spend them to impress anybody or to ‘belong’. I have found out that it’s not necessary.


The Work of Your Hands

When God was pronouncing blessing on the Israelites, in Deut 28, he told them that if they obey him, He will bless the works of their hands. My understanding is that our obedience to God is the activator of the blessing of God in our lives while the works of our hands is the vehicle or channel of it’s release. Get something to do. Don’t worry how little you get paid to do the job; if God has decided to bless it, He will pour financial abundance to you through it.

Satan is a Liar

Please, be careful that you don’t fall prey of Satan. He will set traps for you to fall in because you need money. He could come as rich man but will request that you sleep with him so that you get money and have all your needs met. He could also come as a friend telling you about a jackpot that he hit selling fake product or cheating people, don’t follow him. Those kind of financial increase bring sorrow with it(Pro1: 10-19). When Satan says he wants to help you, it means he wants to destroy you. How do I know? He is not just a liar but the father of all lies. Have you forgotten how he disguised as one helping Eve while his mission was to ruin her. May you not become another Eve story!

What have I said today? Your poor parental background is not a limitation to who you can be. God has a better future for you and you better believe it. Walk with God to download His blessing, put your hand to work for the manifestation of the downloaded blessing and your children will not know what it means to have poor parents. You will have to tell the story to them.


Please, don’t give up on life because of your poor parental background; you are here on earth for a purpose, your fulfilling it is important for me, my wife, children and the next person.


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