The call of God on his life to go into music ministry led him into music group in his church. He has been singing with lives being touched at his ministrations. He has taken his ministration from the four walls of his local church to the world. On Friday, 18th December, 2015, BRO. COLLINS AGBO will release his album, Unending Praise to the world. Brojid.com editor, JOSEPH DINWOKE had a chat with him on how he started; the challenges he encountered and how he surmounted them. Sit back and enjoy the conversation.


Let’s get to know you.

My name is Agbo Collins Chukwudi. I am from Egede in Udi Local Government. I am also a staff of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I am a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Jesus Reigns precisely. I am also a praise and worship member in my church, St Peter’s Chaplaincy.


What motivated you into singing?

I find it joyful whenever I sing. It comes to me naturally; in fact, I believe its God’s gift to me. If God has done anything for anybody like me, the person will not have any reason not to sing. I noticed that when I sing, lives get touched. Singing has become part of me because each time I look around me, I see reasons to thank God.

What prepared you to sing?

First thing is the calling. I felt a sense of calling to go into music. The calling propelled me to go for trainings and join praise and worship groups and from there I continued. So, the training is part of it but first you need to have the calling.

Did you encounter any challenge in your music ministry?

Yes. One of them is the issue of finance. I have planned to record and release this album in the past but each time I remembered that I have to pay for production, I gave up. But when God’s appointed time came, I had to go for the production. That’ why I encourage people to wait on God’s appointed time because when the appointed times comes. He will always actualize whatever He has planned for us.

In practical terms, how did God fix the challenge of finance?

God gave me job and from there I saved money and have been able to fix the problem of finance.

I have planned to record and release this album in the past but each time I remembered that I have to pay for production, I gave up. But when God’s appointed time came, I had to go for the production.

So, have you encountered any other challenge?

I have encountered some difficulties in terms of doing the training and practice. Sometimes after singing I forget a particular song and many other challenges. It has not been easy but when God’s time came, he gave me the inspiration and everything has worked out fine.


What is your new album all about?

The album, Unending Praise is an album produced to get us to praise God in every situation. In all condition, keep praising God. Don’t stop praising Him because there is nothing He doesn’t know. The more we praise Him, the more we attract His blessing and gain His favour.

When will the world hear your song?

It will be released to the world live on Friday, 18th of December, at Wisdom Hall, St Peters Chaplaincy, University of Nigeria, Nsukka at 2.PM.

There is a youth who is supposed to release his songs but has been dormant. Please talk to that youth directly.

My dear friend, don’t worry about the time. Don’t worry about the money. Just follow your calling; in due season, your dream will surely come to pass. Remember that it’s not by your power; so always pray to God. Consult him in all situations. He knows the best. Always praise Him; don’t wait until the money come.


Editor’s Note: You can learn more from Collins Agbo by dropping your comment or question on the comment box or reach him on phone through: 07065564737. Please don’t abuse this.

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