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He takes over the airwaves at 8.30 AM on Dream 92.5 FM for the program: Word vs World with Ezy. He brings scriptural insights on life, money, work and God to guide his teeming listeners from the South-East and the South-South zones of Nigeria. In this interview with BROJID.COM EDITOR, JOSEPH DINWOKE, Pastor Udu Okiemute reveals how you and I can succeed wherever we are, irrespective of how seemly dry it is.


Beyond the man we hear his voice on Dream FM’s Word Vs World on Sunday Morning, let’s know who Pastor Udu Okiemute is.


I am a pastor. Usually I don’t like telling people my denomination because my aim in Christianity is beyond denomination. For those that listen to me, I just want them to focus on Jesus Christ. But I pastor a church with the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Enugu. I am a Geologist but not practicing.


You are the host of the Good of the Land. What inspired this programme?


I have been running this programme for five years now. I believe Christians can succeed anywhere. When we were in school, they told us that if you want to get a job, you either go to Abuja, Lagos or Portharcourt. These are the places that are in vogue. In fact many people travelled out of the country because they were looking for greener pastures.


But I believe that if I stay in Maiduguri, God can bless me there. In fact, I believe if I stay anywhere God can bless me there. Anywhere I stay the most important thing is where God wants me to be and His blessings will follow me there.


I believe I can be in Ebonyi state and God will still bless me there. Also, I can be in the United State of America and still be a beggar because God does not want me to be there.


I actually tell people that God can bless me anywhere. The idea of the programme is to show them how to succeed wherever they are found.

I hear some people say that Nsukka, Abakiliki… are dry but I tell him that it’s not true. It’s just that God has not opened your eyes to see the good in the land.



In every land there is good. The Bible said that if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. There was no specific town, state or country mentioned in the Bible. Just land! No matter where you are, if you can do what God want you to do, you can be a multimillionaire there.


Dr Myles Munroe of the blessed memory lived in Bahamas. Bahamas is a very small place. In fact, Lagos is bigger than Bahamas but from Bahamas, he reached the whole world. From Bahamas, he was traveling the whole world until his death.


The idea beyond the Good of the Land is that if God can make you succeed anywhere if you corporate with him. There is good in every land!


Who are the speakers and why did you choose them for this year’s Good of the Land?


Before now, I have been teaching people. Last year, I had a guest. I just decided that people should hear from other people who have actually made success where people said that there is nothing good. My speakers for this year are Pastor Bankie and Pastor Cosmos Okolo.


I choose these men because I know pastor Bankie. He is a medical doctor, a professional, a consultant in the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH). He was Head of Department of Pathology in University of Nigeria Enugu Ccampus and UNTH. I knew pastor Bankie when he came to Enugu (in 2000). Enugu was not developed as it is now. There is something he used to say, ‘Because I have come to here, Enugu will be better; because I am the light of the world.” And I have seen many things transformed because a man said, I am the salt of the earth and must add value to the earth.


Pastor Bankie is a teacher of the word, well known in this part of Nigeria.  I choose him because he is someone that believes in the word of God and has actually eaten the good of the land.

Pastor Cosmos Okolo is someone I know. He is someone that actually mentors me financially. I have seen him do his business with integrity. He is a practicing lawyer.  I have seen him practice law with integrity.  People say that you cannot survive in Nigeria without being corrupt. But I have seen someone survive and doing well. He is also   pastor in a church here in Enugu.


I am bringing these people because they have done well in their fields.So, I invited them to come and show Nigerians how they are able to eat the good of the land.


Who are the target participants and what do the participants in the programme stand to get?

It’s for everybody, irrespective of your age. I trust God that every participant will be immensely blessed and we are expecting people from the entire place. It’s absolutely free. No charge. Everything is being paid for. Your own is just to come and be blessed. The programme is on October 1 and it will start exactly at 12.30 prompt. We are not waiting for anybody.

You said that everything is paid for. Who paid for it?

It is my friends.

Editor’s Note: For enquires and direction to the venue of the event,  you can use the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below or contact him on: 08066936476 or on facebook, Udu Okiemute

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